Moons of Madness
Moons of Madness character being surrounded by tentacles

On the heels of acquiring publishing rights to sci-fi psychological thriller Moons of Madness, Funcom has announced a partnership with Finnish development studio Dreamloop Games.

Dreamloop Games and original developer Rock Pocket Games will join forces to quicken the development process of to meet the planned release window of Halloween 2019. The partnership specifically targets the console versions of the game. Dreamloop’s website claims that the studio has previous expertise in porting projects to new platforms for other development teams.

Dreamloop founder and CEO Joni Lappalainen has been a longtime fan of Funcom, so this partnership went beyond business. For Lappalainen and his team, a chance to work with Funcom meant more: “This is a really great opportunity for Dreamloop to create a strong partnership with Funcom, but it’s also great for us on a personal level,” stated Lappalainen, “Working with Funcom is a great personal milestone for all of us here at Dreamloop. They developed a project we loved – Conan Exiles. To work with a strong publisher on an interesting project is great, but to work with a team you admire is absolutely incredible.”

Moons of Madness will be available for digital download for PS4, Xbox One and PC in October 2019. The game casts players as a Martian scientist who must contend with Lovecraftian horrors, including premonitory visions, while trying to uncover the secrets of the eponymous moons.

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