The developers of Monument Valley ‘Ustwo’ have recently revealed their latest project – Land’s End, a virtual reality adventure for GearVR.

Land’s End will be set against spectacular landscapes, where the player is tasked with awakening an ancient civilization using the powers of their mind. Land’s End combines Ustwo Games’ award-winning approach to interactive storytelling with Samsung GearVR, creating an incredible virtual reality experience that you can take anywhere.

Ustwo have since released a trailer for Land’s End that you can watch below, showcasing the landscape and an insight into some of the puzzles the game will include.

As Land’s End is being made for GearVR; Samsung’s virtual reality headset, it will be released only for Samsung Galaxy S6. Release date is scheduled for 30th October on the Oculus store.

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  1. Pretty cool atmosphere. Too bad I don’t have a Samsung phone (or a VR headset)… :/

    1. Yup, it’s a shame a great looking game is only available for such a low portion of the public, not many people will own an S6 let alone a headset

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