In the city of Glass, there are three factions vying for control of the company controlled population: the Runners, a rogue group of individuals who work to clean up the city and bring down Kruger Conglomerate, a rogue group of Runners seen as terrorists, and Gabriel Kruger – CEO of the Conglomerate. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has evolved, expanding its world and story to give players more freedom, while staying true to the formula that made the original so breathtaking.

The story takes place before Faith became the legend she is known as, learning her potential as a Runner as she wrestles the system within the oppressed city. Kruger is the central antagonist manipulating the strings around Glass, leaving the city in its withered state. This condition is what drives Faith to become what is known as the Catalyst, one who strives for great change and is promised to rock the foundations of the police-state.

The demo begins in a large prison facility, as Faith is released out into the world, ordered to lead as a contributing member of society lest she face punishment, until her fellow Runner and close friend, Icarus, frees her from the neural constraints placed upon her. Icarus begins to lead Faith into the city, a tutorial beginning on the screen with a simple three-button layout. While sprinting, the left-bumper allows for fluid climbing up walls, buildings, and hanging ledges, while the left-trigger allows for the player to quickly slide under obstacles and into vents. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is all about momentum, a transition that also flows into combat.

In the demo, three missions were presented for the player, allowing for a representative experience of what to expect in the full game. First was the security mission, where I traversed the city’s buildings and pipes until I found a zip-line and attacked the first unsuspecting guard from above with a vicious take-down. Combat is more precise and graceful, allowing Faith to have full control over her enemy in hand-to-hand combat. Bullets whizzed by as Faith dodged the gunfire and subdued the guards one by one with hard punches and kicks that build up into a special move set. The dash mission was a race to test your skills with the new parkour system, and the other mission was a hack, that had the player climbing up to a billboard while avoiding enemies. Propaganda covers the city that must be taken down to spread the word of the Runners and their missions.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is not only faster and sleeker, but filled with more depth in its story than the previous installment. Fans of the original will be pleased to see how Faith has evolved over the years, and DICE has done a great job of opening up the playing field. For more updates on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Tripp Papineau
My name is Tripp Papineau and I am an avid gamer and have a passion for writing. I have graduated from Arkansas Tech University with a BA in creative writing and have been writing as a journalist in the video game industry for three years.

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