It’s finally happening. In a surprise announcement, Sony revealed that the cult game Minecraft would finally be coming to PS3… tomorrow. Playstation users in the US will gain access to the game tomorrow while EU Playstation users will have to wait until Wednesday. The news was announced over on Sony’s blog by Mojang’s Owen Hill.

Hill said that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Minecraft run identically, there will be a demo and that some PS exclusive skins would be a neat thing to have for the game. However, Hill also said that he didn’t know anything about Remote Play and if it would work at the current time. He also wasn’t sure if there would be a cross-buy in the future for PS3/PS Vita. Details on the PS Vita and PS4 versions will be coming next year, however.

So there you have it! At long last, Minecraft has come to PS3. Who knew such a small indie game could grow into something this big ? Let us know if you’re excited to play the game on PS3/PS4 or even PS Vita in the comments below!

Source: Playstation Blog

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