Mike Bithell, the creator of the absolutely delightful Thomas Was Alone, has today announced his second game – Volume.

Volume is a sneak-em-up, where the player must avoid or distract patrolling guards to steal all the loot. It looks a lot like Metal Gear Solid’s VR missions, with colourful, block-based levels and wonderful music – again from David Housden, who was responsible for Thomas’ fantastic tracks.

On top of the “hundreds” of challenging levels, Volume will come with the ability to remix levels, adding to and changing up the arenas. It seems Volume will evolve with community input, leading to new and exciting challenges.

There is no word on the story or characters yet – all that is due to be revealed at GameCity in October – but the gameplay looks intriguing, and, if Bithell is true to form, it should come with some outstanding writing.

Volume is due for release in 2014. No word yet on which platforms it will be coming to, but we expect a PC/Mac version, with the possibility of console play in the future.

You can watch the announcement trailer here:

And see an 11 minute gameplay demonstration narrated by Bithell here:

AND screenshots below:
[nggallery id=68]

We’ll keep you updated on all the details as they come. Stay tuned to OnlySP.

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