Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

UPDATE: Following the earlier leak, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has confirmed the existence of Middle -Earth Shadow of War.

As the original listing suggested, the game will release on August 22 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The reveal trailer is embedded below:

ORIGINAL STORY: The first details of a sequel to 2014’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor have been leaked through a listing on U.S. retailer Target’s website.

Titled Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, this sequel is reported to build upon the greatest success of its predecessor, the Nemesis system, while tweaking the gameplay to create a more epic adventure. While the first game was a revenge quest, Shadow of War will up the ante, with returning protagonist Talion once again teaming up with Celebrimbor to create a new Ring of Power with which to challenge Sauron.

In order to facilitate this goal, players will be able to claim fortresses and amass an Orc army, with the evolutionary traits of the Nemesis system being applied to both enemies and followers.

Though now removed, the listing, which was posted to NeoGAF, also mentioned an expanded edition of the game, providing access to two Nemesis expansions and two story expansions. The former of these will include new Orc tribes to battle, while each of the latter offers a new campaign and new playable character.

The game’s publisher, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, is yet to comment on the leak, but have previously teased an announcement set for March 8, 2017, which would leave little more than six months until Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s projected release date of August 22.

OnlySP’s Nick Calandra reviewed Shadow of Mordor on its release back in 2014, and was particularly vocal in praise of the Nemesis system, stating that, “if you’ve been waiting for a game that feels like it has a truly “next-gen” feature aside from better graphics, you need to play Shadow of Mordor.”

Like its predecessor, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is being developed by Monolith Productions.

OnlySP will have more details on the game when, and if, it is officially announced. Until then, be sure to bookmark OnlySP and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest from the world of single-player gaming.

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