Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor releases in just over 10 days now and a few of our burning questions about the game have finally been answered via a Reddit AMA conducted by Monolith yesterday.

One of the questions that we’ve been pressing Monolith for an answer on for quite a while now was about the game’s length in terms of the main storyline. That question has finally been answered via the AMA telling the person asking that the average playthrough of the main storyline has taken testers around 30+ hours to complete. To do everything in the game it sounds like it’ll take a good chunk of time to do so, but wasn’t really given an exact number due to the complexity of the nemesis system.

Monolith also talked about the way the game’s world was set up, finally clarifying that it’s set up in a “zone” fashion rather than a seamless open world. Director of design, Michael de Plater explained the concept in further detail.

It’s open world zones, and you can freely move anywhere and explore each of those. We’ve shown our two main zones, which are the Sea of Nurn and Udun. There’s another Zone we haven’t shown yet. And there’s lots of exploration within each of our Zones. Each of them has multiple Strongholds in them as well.

Don’t worry though, the way the world is set up is quite similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition, so while it may not be seamless, these zones should be enough to satisfy your open world needs.

Monolith also detailed some of the side missions that you’ll encounter while playing Shadow of Mordor and luckily it seems that there will be a good variety to choose from.

There’s quite a few. There’s saving the Outcast Humans being enslaved by Sauron’s forces, there’s Weapon Quests which unlock upgrades for the Bow, Sword and Dagger, there’s numerous collectibles that unlock Lore and Upgrades, there’s hunting and survivalist challenges. And there’s also Power Struggles – these are dynamically created Side Quests which are generated by the Nemesis System, so you can really mess with Orc Society.

de Plater also revealed the name of the first piece of DLC for Shadow of Mordor which you can read about just below.

Well the first DLC is the “Lord of Beasts”. It doesn’t have a Mumakil, but it does have some pretty epic new monsters that you are going to be able to ride around and kill vast amounts of orcs like a badass.

There will be other pieces of DLC released in the future as Shadow of Mordor does have a Season Pass you can purchase, but no details were shared on those further expansions.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor releases on September 30th for the PS4 and Xbox One along with the PC version which releases worldwide on October 3rd. If you missed the news last week, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have been delayed to November 18th.

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  1. Hype! Even tho I am super bummed it has a season pass. Tho I guess that is to be expected from WB. Guess it’ll have to be buy, sell, then buy the complete edition for cheap couple years down the road.

  2. It’s not an unspecified date…the old gen versions are being released same day as DA:I, November 18 (at least in NA)…I really can’t wait til Sept 30 when i can finally play it! (So glad my xbox one is finally getting used as something besides a paperweight)

    1. D4 bro is a good X1 game and it actually uses the kinect pretty good if you dont like that you can use a controller im really into the story right now.

  3. The main issue I see with this article (besides the “unspecified” specified old gen release) is the PC release date. PC users will be getting shadow of mordor on September 30th in NA. Technically the author is correct in that the official release date for PC copies of the game in the UK is October third, however steam will be releasing Their copies on the 30th world side. Sooo yeah. Check your sources son

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