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In Monolith Productions’s microtransactions-based Market reveal for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the team confused some gamers due to its online-only statement, and has now clarified that the core game is playable offline.

In a blog post on the official Warner Bros. site, Monolith Productions said an internet connection is required to access Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s Market. Additionally, on the game’s official forum, Community Manager MonolithJared gave a vague response when asked whether parts of the Market will be accessible offline: “At the moment, we require an internet connection,” he said. Shortly after, some gamers worried that Monolith Productions might enforce an online-only requirement for Shadow of War to reinforce the presence of microtransactions.

Once the online-only rumors heated, MonolithJared quelled rumors that Shadow of War will not be playable offline. “At the moment, you can play offline,” he said on the game’s Discord channel. “And anything [that’s] an online feature will require online,” he added.

Shadow of War’s Market system acts as an in-game store for purchasing Loot Chests, War Chests, XP Boosts, and Bundles. The Market accepts two forms of currency: Mirian, obtainable by playing normally; and Gold, a premium currency obtainable by reaching certain milestones, completing challenges, and spending real-life money. No content is gated by the premium currenc, which is simply used to get high-level loot quickly. Monolith Productions also said that players can finish the game without entering the market as using it is “purely optional.”

Aside from the Market, Shadow of War requires an internet connection to access the Social Conquest mission type and Vendettas. Recently revealed by Eurogamer, Shadow of War’s Social Conquest, which has a friendly and ranked mode, pits players to invade another players’s fortress. While the mode lacks repercussions in friendly conquests, one’s killed Orc members permanently die in ranked matches. Meanwhile, Vendettas is a returning feature from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which allows players to avenge their friend’s death by summoning and executing the orc that kill him/her. Successfully winning either Social Conquest or Vendettas rewards players with loot chests and spoils of war, both of which are also obtainable from the Market.

At present, gamers are still concerned that the game might become an online-only title due to its multiplayer aspects and focus on loot boxes.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 10. The game will also receive PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X support. The hack-and-slash RPG allows players to import their Arch Nemesis from Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

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