Project Scarlett

As audiences slowly learn more about the next-generation consoles, Microsoft seems to be working on not one, but two Project Scarlett models.

The rumour suggests that the two versions are codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart, with the latter being the least powerful. The originator of the supposed leak, Jason Schreier, proclaimed the news on one of Kotaku’s podcasts.

Schreier explained that the graphical power of the Lockhart will be akin to that of the PlayStation 4 Pro. The downgrade in visuals is due to significantly less RAM than the Anaconda version. The lack of RAM will be countered by the Scarlett’s improved CPU and added solid-state drive.

“The way it’s been described to me… I think [Lockhart] is going to have significantly less RAM, but the CPU makes a big difference, especially when it comes to framerate. The SSD makes a huge difference when it comes to loading times. So, I think what [developers] can do a lot of the time is knock down the texture quality, take a hit on the resolution, but you don’t have to sacrifice framerate as much,” said Schreier.

Along with reduced hardware specifications, Schreier has also recently eluded to Lockhart being a disc-less model of Microsoft’s next-generation console. Offering a budget model falls in line with several other developers, such as Apple, who release less powerful alternatives to some of their most popular devices.

OnlySP will keep readers posted on future developments related to Project Scarlett.

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