The Xbox One is set to make a bang at this year’s E3 if Phil Spencer’s latest Tweets are any indication.

According to Spencer, the Microsoft press conference is already exceeding the 90 minute time limit and they are currently being forced to cut stuff from the show. Thankfully, it’s sounding like Microsoft won’t focus too much on the extra stuff that Xbox One has to offer during it’s press conference so they can put a majority of the focus on gaming software. Last year’s E3 wasn’t too shabby as compared to previous years, so we have high hopes it’ll be another great show.

We wouldn’t complain too much however if we got a trailer for that upcoming Halo series they’re working on making.



As you can probably guess, we’ll be seeing a lot of new stuff from Microsoft at E3, including information on Sunset Overdrive which Spencer noted today that we wouldn’t be getting any information on the game before E3.


Spencer also answered a question regarding DX12, saying that some features are already in the system, but “full DX12 is coming”.


We here at OnlySP are eagerly awaiting new information on Sunset Overdrive, Quantam Break and of course the next Halo project so be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP for all the latest on those titles and of course, anything single player related.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. They better be spending some time telling everyone why they were forced to pay for a voice controller…

    1. voiced controller? Is that a thing, and if so, where can i buy one.

      1. The Kinect?
        I say “Voice Controller” because that is the feature everyone is relegated to using in order to justify the purchase. There sure aren’t any compelling games for Kinect yet…

    2. I for one did not feel that anything was forced on me as an early adaptor & consumer

      1. Xbox One Kinect could’ve been an accessory like last generation, nothing has justified it yet over 360 functionality.

        1. It could’ve been , but then people would whine about it’s price tag especially with what this Kinect does and offers.

    3. Since you dont own one, you dont know. I personally wouldn’t be interested in an xbox without the Kinect! I think its a great addition to the whole experience and will definitely dominate in the near future.

      1. “I think its a great addition to the whole experience and will definitely dominate in the near future.”

        This is what Xbot delusion looks like.

        1. Not really…I”m using the Kinect much more than I thought I would. I do voice commands for everything aside from games. I use it to turn the system on and off, navigate through Netflix, video controls, searches etc. It’s a lot more useful than one might think if you’ve never tried it.

          1. The problem, Nick, is it’s a novelty. It works well at times, but not nearly enough to justify the price or make it better to use than a controller. And without 100 percent accuracy of commands, what’s the point? The controller input works flawlessly 100 percent of the time. At best, Kinect is perhaps 80 percent. That can’t be considered good enough for any device.

          2. Oh I agree, after the latest update it seems to be working less than it did before, which is odd. But as you know, technology gets better overtime and as someone who was totally against Kinect being included in the first place, I’m actually pretty happy with it so far, save for a few commands I wish it had etc.

            It’s going to be interesting to see how the PS4 camera fares if there’s any similarities. I haven’t read much up on it yet.

          3. Fair enough Nick. The PS4 camera has rudimentary voice controls and facial recognition features with gesture controls said to be patched in later. The most interesting aspects of the camera, and the move controller are now, in my opinion, linked with project morpheus following that vr headset reveal. The head tracking was said to work flawlessly, so that’s pretty exciting. We shall see. I was never a kinect fan, and never bought it for my 360. It’s one of the many reasons I haven’t bought an xbone yet, though in no reason the main factor in that decision.

          4. Its great bro. They are missing out.

        2. Said the broke sony bot who wasnt even buy his next generation console

          1. Had one for ages. Suck my nut, Zohan. :)

      2. I’m roughly 20 feet from an Xbox One right now. The Kinect isn’t used much at all besides for menu navigation. Instead of a condescending comment that makes you come off as a fanboy, why don’t you tell us all these fabulous ways you use the Kinect?

        1. I turn my tv on with my voice, browse to whatever i want to do on my xbox with my voice. Only use my controller when i am about to actually play a game. Kinect is great it the environment Around is right. People having problems with it its only because they still havent manage the right tone to,speak to it yet.

          1. Is this unfortunate speaking english, or sheep speak?

          2. It probably will never recognize ur highpitch no balls barks.

          3. In Canada, most guide functionality does not work, most media portals are unavailable. Maybe if I was using Kinect to surf through my TV guide, I would get more use out of it. One day Microsoft, one day.

      3. You wouldn’t be interested in an xbone without kinect because you’re a moron. You really shouldn’t be calling attention to your own mental deficiencies.

        1. Multimedia machine is better than a simple indie station. Indie station is easy so morons like you get excited. Mutimedia requires more analytical thinking.

          1. Shouting at your console needs analytical thinking? Then again juggling the crap Xbone OS probably requires it.

            Why does the Xbone have no games, Zohan?

          2. In your imaginary sony blind world it has no games. We at the xbox community are enjoying triple a games such as titanfall, forza, ryse, dead rising, and killer instinct. While you enoyed killzone at 720 mp and infamous second son. Other than that 1000 indies.

          3. An MP-only last-gen multiplat, a last-gen unfinished racing game, the blunder of the year, a game MS had to pay Capcom to make cos they had no interest in making it and an unfinished fighting game. You call that triple A? You Xmorons have extremely low standards.

          4. The standards of the xbox only sheep are as low to the ground as their bellies and their udders. That much has been established.

          5. I know of at least one Xbot who bought 16 Xbone games. 16! To quote Jeff Goldblum: that is one big pile of shit.

          6. You, as well as Zohak are on a short string here. If you can’t level out your comments to be more discussion worthy and less personal attacks, I will have to ban your comments.


  2. Sound like the stuff there pulling out we go over to gamescom

  3. There will be better PS4 news. Sony has been more quiet.

    1. It’s pretty easy not to talk about nothing.

      1. No games announced by Microsoft since last August. Who’s talking about nothing, again?

        1. Black Tusk Gears of War isn’t a game,that’s news for me.

          1. Shame they had to scrap their new IP to do so. Still, here’s to 2016!

        2. Just look at out of the 3 companies which one has more relationships to game developers and more 1st/2nd party game developers. That’s Sony. It’s kind of like a overmatched sports team against an average team. Sony has won E3 more often than not. With Sony in the drivers’ seat I think it won’t even be a contest as far as who will win this years’ E3 and for the rest of the generations’ E3.

      2. Just look at out of the 3 companies which one has more relationships
        to game developers and more 1st/2nd party game developers. That’s Sony.
        It’s kind of like a overmatched sports team against an average team.
        Sony has won E3 more often than not. With Sony in the drivers’ seat I
        think it won’t even be a contest as far as who will win this years’ E3
        and for the rest of the generations’ E3.

        They have won the last two:
        2013. PS4 price
        2012 TLOU

        A champion is a champion until they’re dethroned.


    2. lol Being quiet ≠ has better news. Usually it foreshadows the opposite situation.

      1. Which is why MS has been trumpeting Titanfall sales. Oh wait. LOL

        1. I hear the trumpets everyone.

          1. Xbone version of Titanfall outsold by Infamous PS4. Titanfall combined sales from pc and xbone may be outsold by Infamous. Trumpet indeed. They’re playing taps for dat bone. Taps. #Closedcasket

          2. They havent released numbers yet, so yes. .. ur comment doesnt make me horny.

          3. Well i bet he is using the fake news site “insiderp” as “source”

          4. Definitely

          5. Yeah, we’re gonna have to wait for confirmation of that, otherwise it’s as bad as Xbots crowing over VGchartz.

    3. Sony is letting go everyone, they have no money

      1. oh dear.. i dont know if this is serious or if you’re just stupid…. :O lool

        1. Its serious, deal with it

        2. I’d wager on the stupid. Where can I put the bet down?

          1. i though people like this were put into asylums or at least had responsible supervision though..? :-|

      2. One project scrapped for being terrible, two project leads quitting because their projects came to an end and a 19 year vet retiring? Yeah, that’s “letting everyone go.” Xbot fanfiction, everyone!

      3. Said the guy with no money.

      4. Yes you can choose to believe in that myth. Getaway, 8 days, and The agency?? Ring a bell. PS3 has a huge list of canceled projects when you wiki “PS3 canceled games”. And PS3 still managed to outsell the 360 by 1 million last generation.


  4. Gonna be a killer E3! CAN’T WAIT! So many great games! Gonna be a great time to be an Xbox fan. ^_^

    1. It already is a great time to be an xbox fan!

    2. Great time to be a game of any console really. There’s a lot of great stuff coming across all platforms. I think our wallets will be the blunt force of this attack ;)

      1. :) Well yeah… Being an Xbox article I specified… But you’re right!

        Nintendo will hopefully show a new Zelda (and please a new Metroid) right after launching Mario Kart 8.

        Sony will showing The Order and probably Uncharted and some other stuff that I don’t keep up with.

        EA will hopefully give us looks into Mirror’s Edge 2 and Star Wars Battlefront… BioWare showing off Dragon Age Inquisition and hopefully Mass Effect 4.

        Ubisoft showing off The Division (maybe also The Crew).

        Microsoft showing off the next Halo (H2A hopefully), new Fable, Quantum Break, Sunset, etc… possibly a teaser from Black Tusk? Forza Horizon 2 maybe?

        Then there will be all the new 3rd party IPs and even more on announced titles (The Witcher, Batman Arkham Knight, Evolve, etc…)

        Yeah, our wallets are gonna be hurting… ; – ; #TotallyWorthIt

  5. Why not do 2 shows , the 90 min show at E3 the other show leading up to E3 opening segment from their Redmond campus via Xbox live. Just divided key personnel between both events ,so nothing is left out doesn’t miss the big day that is E3.

    1. Last year they announced some games right before and after E3,maybe same this time.

    2. That’d be awesome! I’d be all for it. :) Put out a few titles and leave the heavy hitters (the Halos and whatnot) for the E3 stage.

      Maybe that’d be a good time to showcase some of the exclusive indies? I for one don’t really care about the majority of them, but giving them a spotlight would be a great PR move if nothing more.

  6. Looking forward to xbox E3 for sure, definitely Sonys too and it will be nice to see what Nintendo are going to do….it better be something big for the wiiU or else it will keep failing.

    1. OMGGG!!! A positive comment about all 3 companies! FIIIINAAALLLYYYY!!! lol.. but its True i dont understand why people seem to have forgotten about the Wii U.. i hope Nintendo’s show is all we hope it to be!

    2. Even if Wii U “Fails” Nintendo will be fine, there was alot of doom and gloom regarding Nintendo ever since the projection report was released but they have a huge bankroll and 3DS is killing the market . N64 and Gamecube werent exactly successful but they got through that and they will get through this.

  7. They better show Halo, and possibly game play for it too.

  8. This year’s E3 will be dominated by Microsoft. Theres nothing interesting from Sony, perhaps more Layoffs?

    1. Halo rehash, Kinect games and a couple more TV shows, haha!

      1. Just with Halo, all Sony bots will tremble

        1. Yeah, a series half milked to death. Maybe they can complete their obsession with dead franchises by announcing Resident Evil exclusivity too. >:D

          1. U talking dead half milked to death franchises, im sure you are including, uncharted series, and infamous.

          2. Not interested in Uncharted tbh, they should have dropped it after 3. Pretty much ended well enough then. Infamous is my favourite first party SCE IP, and it’s only just released its third game, so. Wanna compare that to Halo?

          3. You do realize both sides are milking franchise.


    2. Of course. Sony only has the best first party developers in the industry. You’re absolutely right, nothing interesting at all. Project Morpheus? Who would be interested in that? After all, you’ve got your kinects, which work flawlessly………..about 60 percent of the time. Flawlessly I say. The only thing Microsoft is dominating is themselves, as they are spinning faster than a pulsar attempting to downplay the arse kicking Sony is handing them at retail in both hardware and software sales. Dominate indeed. It is to laugh.

      1. Project morpheus is doomed to fail, VR has been around for a long time. Do your research.

        1. I thought I told you to shave your vagina.

          1. Some clearasil can help with ur Pimpled-face son, dont loose hope



  9. Senior hype monkey keeping Xbot peckers up for E3. Shocking news. Though they barely have any execs left considering they’re all quitting in droves.

    I wonder if he’ll announce that a few more studios don’t actually exist.

    1. Go look and find out who has left this week on the other team.

      Let’s see Jack Tretton resigned
      50 employes been given the boot.
      Two head game designers. One from SCE God of War the other from Sucker Punch studios ala Infamous.

      1. Yeah all of these losses are very disconcerting…haven’t bought into next gen yet, but I’ve been looking at Sony since I dig single player gaming, but some of its best studios are losing some of their vital talent. Not sure what’s going on, maybe its all above board but the wording doesn’t necessarily seem that way. As successful as the ps4 has been, Sony as a company has been in dire straits lately, it would be crazy of them to make their cuts in what is essentially their most potentially profitable division but maybe that’s the case since a lot of these losses are long term employees most likely receiving some high salaries. Losing Amy Hennig might be the biggest blow to Sony in a long time, as great as Naughty Dog are at designing games, Uncharted was as great as it was because of Hennig’s grasp on story & characterization (at least for me). Probably a good choice in waiting it out, hopefully everything beyond sales starts looking up for all consoles because there seems to be so much negativity bouncing around despite these record setting launches.

      2. Tretton retired after a long career

        Employees left because their project was scrapped after four years of development hell.

        Game designers left because their projects were through.

        Usual turnover in game studios, mostly. I wonder which next Xbox cancer will be the next to be removed. Penello? Mehdi? Hyrb?

        1. Nice spin on the truth

    2. And on cue. Flat out fanboy is in another Xbox One article trolling away. Seriously. I play an Xbot on the net too.. but I’m not in every single PS4 article posting crap. I just post in Xbox articles against people like you that troll them.

      Flat out annoying.


  10. I bought a ps4 first this gen, while last gen I bought my 360 first then
    my ps3. I’m really waiting to see what E3 holds for both Sony and
    Microsoft. I’m fairly certain Sony will impress, they have been on a
    roll of late. If Microsoft’s E3 is a kinect showcase, I’ll throttle
    somebody. Games, games, and more games, please. And not motion
    controlled garbage. If Microsoft hasn’t learned their lesson by E3
    2014, there is no hope for them this gen. Give me a reason to buy the

    1. The xbox community is better off without you. Enjoy ur suck station

      1. Shave your vagina, we can see the hair from your genitals up on your face.

        1. Are you getting ur 3′ inch erection?

      2. Hey Zohak hows about you STFU!

        1. Here comes sony butthurt pony. LOL

    2. Don’t think it will be a Kinect show case , unlike last year they were trying to sale u the Kinect. This time its in the box so all they need do is hint about it.

  11. spencer is mostly all talk and no show. so ill have to wait until e3 till actually get excited.

  12. Great Article :)

  13. “Last year’s E3 wasn’t too shabby” That was a joke right, you’d have to be completely deluded to believe that. And to me this just sounds like making an excuse for not having stuff at the conference, it will be another lame show for Micrsoft and they will just say they coludnt fit everything in, BS. All Microsoft ever does is lie to people.

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