Gears of War E3

Just before the climax of its E3 2018 press conference, Microsoft brought out The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson to announce three brand new Gears of War games.

First up was the reveal of the mobile game, Gears POP!. Little is presently known about this title, aside that it will feature the Funko POP! versions of famous Gears characters such as Marcus Fenix, Kait Diaz, Clayton Carmine, and several Locust.

The next project is a turn-based strategy shooter akin to X-COM, called Gears Tactics, set 12 years prior to the first Gears of War and coming to PC. Players will be able to create and customise their own squad as they face hordes of enemy locust and take down massive boss creatures like the Brumak.

To top it all off, Fergusson ended The Coalition’s announcements with the unveiling of Gears of War 5. Taking place right after the fourth installment, Kait struggles with her inner demons as she embarks on a quest with companion Del Walker in search of answers. Gamers can expect even more gruesome foes to chainsaw down in some truly horrific looking environments.

Gears of War 5 will be released in 2019 along with Gears POP!, with more information on Gears Tactics coming “soon”.

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Richard Flint
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