The Light
Developer Носков Сергей has released the first teaser trailer for its post-apocalyptic horror adventure The Light.
Носков Сергей has released the first teaser trailer in a recent announcement on the game’s Steam page. The Light is a remastered version of the first game with improvements in graphics, gameplay, and plot elements.
The indie title appears to be set in a barren wasteland that is completely void of life with environments similar to the Fallout and Metro franchises.
The narrative is heavily intertwined with the environment and is designed to make players feel alone with the “abandoned remains of a former life and the flourishing nature that feels great in the absence of man.” The environment is a contrast of a luscious nature that is depressingly empty.

The narrative design behind the light is about life, death, and isolation whereby the player has to explore the barren wasteland and solve complex puzzles and quests to progress through the story.

Additionally, in a translated Twitter post, the developer talked about the title’s symbolism and inspiration:

One of the most pleasant stages of work on the game for me is the final exposure of light, objects, effects and all kinds of details to the location. It is nice to see how the territory takes on an increasingly formal look.

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