Looks like 4A and Deep Silver are almost ready to reveal Metro: Redux.

A listing on Amazon shows the new promotional box art for Metro: Redux, which was confirmed to be in development by 4A and Deep Silver a couple weeks ago. The box art is subject to change as it’s just provisional. The release date for Metro: Redux seems to be set at August 28th if the listing is to be believed, which is a Thursday. The price is also set at $50. You can see the box art just below. Metro: Redux will include a remastered version of Metro: 2033 and Last Light for the next-generation consoles.


Not other details have been released at this time, but you can be sure we’ll be following this story closely as it develops. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest on Metro: Redux and whatever else 4A is secretly working on.

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  1. The last game was a glitchy, ugly, terribly written, mess. Can’t say I expect much from this title. Some of the worst FPS mechanics I’ve ever played with.

    1. I might have cared about your opinion a little bit more if you cared to elaborate it. As it stands now, you’re just a troll.

      1. What can ya do? Some people are just haters. Trolls give us all a bad name.

      2. I don’t have an “opinion” on Last Light, I have the facts. It was a bad game, especially on console. Me having standards doesn’t make me a troll, it just means you don’t have standards.

        1. I won’t waste time arguing with you but, once again, you only provided your opinion on the game and not a single actual fact. Seems you mixed-up your definitions.

          Speaking about my standards, your assumption, which you tried to turn into a fact again, was completely wrong. I have fairly high standards when it comes to gaming and that’s why I’m primarily a PC gamer. And before you say anything…no, I’m not a member of the PC master race and I don’t have a $3000 PC. I built my current machine in late 2012 for less than $800 but despite that it’s more powerful than these “next-gen” consoles. Now that there is a fact.

          Now, if you’re not too lazy to read on, let me share my experience with Metro Last Light. As I said, I played it on a PC and, frankly, if you play FPS games without a mouse, your standards are obviously lower than mine. I played on hardest mode, without HUD and crosshair to maximize immersion, and it worked because Last Light was designed in such a way. And since I was trying to conserve my ammo, I used stealth approach whenever possible.

          Graphically, it was excellent. Still one of the best looking games to date. Lighting and effects were great, it had mostly hi-res textures and I thought the atmosphere and art direction were really good…especially atmosphere, they nailed it. Sound design was also fantastic and really added to the experience.

          Story-wise, I thought it was fairly good, especially for a shooter but that’s nothing surprising considering it was based on a series of books. You could argue it wasn’t really Bioshock Infinite in terms of its story but then again, Bioshock sacrificed some other aspects of the game for its story, whilst Metro LL did not.

          Gunplay was one of the most satisfying I’ve experienced in recent FPS games. Weapons that were supposed to be powerful, felt powerful and those that were supposed to be s#it, also felt that way. There was a right amount of customization to suit your play-style and I very much enjoyed lurking from the shadows. AI was OK, not superb but also far from bad.

          Only issues I had with the game were that some monsters were a bit too much bullet spongy and that that AI and facial animations could have been better. That’s all I can think of right now. I don’t know what glitches you’ve come across but the only problem I’ve had was the flickering smoke in a few places on high settings. That’s it.

          It could very well be that console versions were more than usually worse than PC version but than doesn’t change the fact that you never actually said why you thought the game was terrible. And I would really like to know what was, by your standards, the best FPS of 2013 and why. Cheers.

  2. I always wanted to play this, after the ps4 came out i stopped buying ps3 games, yay

  3. Can’t wait for this. The second one was amazing. never got to play the first one so this is great.

    1. Oh man, definitely wait until the Redux release. I absolutely loved the first one, but I’m hoping that they have changed the shooting/combat mechanics a bit as they have always felt weird. Jealous of you though, wish I could erase the first one from memory and play through it again, it’s really amazing.

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