4A games have shed some more light on their upcoming sequel Metro: Last Light on their official forums. Specifically, they addressed questions in regards to the subtle morality system in play.

A member of the development team, going by the username THQvagrantscout, answered a few questions regarding Metro: Last Light‘s morality system. He stated the following: “We deliberately kept all aspects of the “morality system” as you called it (internally, we refer to it as something else) very subtle in Metro 2033 and, although we are expanding this mechanic, we intend to follow the same philosophy for Last Light. It is really important that the mechanics behind how the system works remain a mystery to avoid players trying to “game” or “cheat” the system. It’s only when players are ignorant of the consequences of their actions can they truly make a free choice. Just like classic controlled psychology experiments, if the subjects knew what was being tested that knowledge would affect their decision making process. Our system is far removed from typical RPG conventions whereby the player is presented clear cut “good” and “evil” choices, that is why we do not refer to it as a “morality” system. It is much more sophisticated and much more nuanced.” Sounds like a remedy to the moral choice systems in games like Bioshock and inFAMOUS, which have garnered criticism for their two-dimensional portrayal of morality.

He ended by answering a few more minor questions. He stated that “Just like with Metro 2033, if you plug a Xbox 360 controller into your PC you will be able to use it just like console players,” and that the developers “expect the campaign to be at least as long as Metro 2033.”

“We want to keep most of the campaign details under wraps for now,” he said. “You’ll discover more between now and game release, but it’s important you go into the game not knowing what to expect!”

Sounds like 4A known what they’re doing in the story department. Make sure to follow OnlySP for further details on Metro: Last Light‘s development.

[Metro: last Light Forums]

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