Metro: Last Light has upped its story cred today by releasing the first in its “Survivors” series of short stories, with written adaptation of The Preacher Story coming hot on the heels of the like-titled trailer posted last week. In it, we follow the story of titular Preacher, who witnesses the moment the bombs fall. You can read the full story, originally posted on the official Metro: Last Light website, and view The Preacher Story trailer, below.

Before the blast, he was a well-known feature of the Moscow streets preaching at the top of his voice at all hours of the day. But now, after a period of soul-searching, he has become a beacon of hope and spiritual adviser to the hopeless denizens of the Metro.

Nobody knew for sure what had driven him, one day, to abandon his life and take to the streets, holy book in hand. His young wife was shocked, and for weeks she would visit him every day on the square, pleading with him to come home, to return to his job, to see his baby son. He would talk of a moment of divine visitation, a blinding light and a heavenly call that he was powerless to refuse. Others talked darkly of delusion and breakdown, shook their heads and pitied his family.

He became a familiar sight on the streets of Moscow, familiar enough to be near-invisible to those going about their daily routine. For ten years, he preached of repentance and apocalypse, never wavering in his certainty that soon a day of judgment would come. His wife no longer visited him; his son had forgotten his face.

The moment the missiles began to stream through the sky, he collapsed to his knees in rapture. What he had always known was at last coming to pass – a divine reckoning in which his sacrifices would be honored. He clutched his bible to his chest and wept with gratitude as all around him feet pounded on the concrete, the whole crowd streaming in one direction. And then his chest tightened, and he looked up at the sky once more. For the first time in years, he was unsure; he felt fear. His feet carried him to the Metro station, but his mind was empty, and he could not remember in the days that followed how he had traveled from one place to another.

In the chaos below ground, an old woman recognized him as the preacher from the square, and knelt down before him, convinced that he would have the answers, that all along he had known the truth. Others joined her, most of them stricken with grief as they thought of loved ones left behind to die on the surface, all of them unable to comprehend how this could be God’s will. He thought he had made peace with such things long ago, setting aside all earthly companionship and attachments. But he was tortured by the moment of doubt he had experienced as the missiles filled the sky, and was unsure how to respond to their pleas. In ten long years on the streets of Moscow, no one had sought his counsel, and he had thought only to preach of the apocalypse, not to tend souls.

Confused and distraught, he wandered out into the tunnels and disappeared. When he returned, a year later, he seemed filled with calm. He knew now that his previous certainty had been vanity, that this new calling would truly allow him to prove his devotion to God, and atone for his sins. He would bring comfort to his small flock, and spread peace in this confused and fearful new world.

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