It can be hard knowing who to trust, especially in post-apocalyptic Russia after a nuclear war, as is the case with 4A games’ upcoming sequel Metro: Last Light. However, it appears you can trust an official representative from the development team, who was able to answer many of the fans’ questions towards the game on the official forums. Read on for some of the info he shared.

He started off by answering a question regarding the game’s knife. It’s changed from a selectable weapon to “a context sensitive ‘melee’ button – a significant change from Metro 2033! Context sensitive attacks include basic melee, a stealth execute (as shown in our E3 2011 demo), and we are also experimenting with a stealth knock-out”. This makes sense, as the vast majority of modern shooters have adopted this melee mechanic. Of course, that’s not to say gamers looking for a challenge will be left out. Those of you who loved the HUD-less and realistic Ranger Hardcore mode from Metro 2033 are in luck, as it’s returning. “We are definitely planning to have some kind of Ranger Hardcore mode, as we know how much you loved it in Metro 2033. We’re still tweaking the specifics – we want it to be better than ever.”

The destruction engine has been on a lot of people’s minds since they saw the demo, and he expanded on how it would work. “Destruction is not structural, but designed to enhance strategic decision making when approaching certain situations… Destruction in Metro: Last Light is consistent with this across all destructible materials considered part of the structure of the environment (i.e. walls, barriers, etc). There are standalone items in the environment that can be fully destroyed. For example the shelving with boxes you saw in the demo. There are also materials that bullets will pass through, and some flammable materials.” He also stated that they “have been hard at work to redesign the user interface, HUD, and controls. We recognized this as one of our flaws last time around and it is definitely an area we are putting a lot of focus on… we’re [also] focusing on explaining how the dual ammo economy works better to the player.”

The game’s structure was also asked about, and a response was made. “[The] campaign will progress in a linear fashion similar to Metro 2033. However, a number of levels have been designed specifically to encourage exploration / player choice and have multiple routes through them (similar to Black, Outpost and Frontline from the first game). Some levels are very open and require the player to explore their way through to find a way to continue. Many levels can be completed without having to engage the enemy by utilizing your stealth skills.” One question asked whether there would be a level editor or not. While that would be an interesting feature, the rep said that it was “very unlikely for a variety of complex reasons. But we’ll keep you posted if things change.”

In terms of graphics, fans were told that the game would look gorgeous and would not disappoint on any platform. “The 4A Engine has been updated with numerous features, optimizations and improvements that you’ll see manifest in both PC and console versions. Our goal is to make one of the best-looking games on whatever system you play it on.” When asked about PC requirements and specifications, he responded with the following; “When we get closer to the game’s release date and all our features have been completed and optimized, the game will go through extensive performance testing across a wide range of PC hardware so we can ensure our requirements and recommended specs are accurate. However, 4A has always taken care to make sure the 4A Engine will work on the widest range of hardware possible and we will continue to further optimize up to and past the game release.” Many were underwhelmed by the AI performance in the demo last year, but rest assured that any underlying issues with AI and Graphics will almost certainly be fixed by the time of release. “What you saw in the E3 demo from 2011 was a work in progress and should not be considered final.”

While that’s all the info you’re going to get for now, the representative reminded everyone that “There’s a minor trade show on the horizon you Westerners call ‘E3’. There’s a distinct possibility you may see and hear a lot more about Metro around this time … maybe even a little before.” He also hinted that “you’ll see a major new character next time we show the game.”

In other words, keep your fingers crossed and your pre-war bullets loaded. We’ll have more info on Metro: Last Light in the near, hopefully un-apocalyptic, future here at OnlySP. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Michael Urban
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  1. I still want to play the first Metro. I need to get on my Onlive system and play it since I don't haves 360.

    1. Good call. Our manger Nick absolutely loved it and recommends it to everyone. I'm looking to play it myself when I get a 360.

  2. The original is actually a pretty good game. I think it got a lot of hate just for being a little…unusual haha

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