We have some more Metro: Last Light details for you, courtesy of our source THQvagrantscout from the game’s official forums. Grab a rusty Metro spoon and dig in!

Firstly, we got an answer to a question regarding the game’s structure and mission variety. From the looks of it, the team has kept Last Light‘s pacing in mind while designing the levels and objectives.

Metro: Last Light will feature a balance of missions – some will be solo, some accompanied by one for more NPCs. Adding additional characters allows us much more creative freedom to design interesting scenarios for the player.
You won’t be able to order or direct [them], but we’re continuing to improve our NPC AI and better script those levels…

Vagrantscout also talked about how the improved graphics engine extends to the character models as well.

All our characters have been given a visual facelift – partly to take advantage of our improved character modeling and facial animation – but you’ll be relieved to hear that Khan’s personality is unchanged. He’s a fan favorite and no mistake… As well as bringing back some familiar faces, we introduce a lot of new characters in Metro: Last Light. You’ve already met Pavel, our Red Line Officer who accompanied Artyom in this year’s E3 demo, and we’ll be introducing more characters before the game releases.

A lot of newcomers to the series asked if, plot-wise, Metro: Last Light will be accessible if they haven’t played 2033. Vagrantscout offered his answer for such questions:

It’s important to us that newcomers can pick up Metro: Last Light and enjoy it and not feel like they’re missing half the plot. At the same time, there will be lots of references and hints for Metro 2033 veterans.

Mutants were a big part of Metro 2033. (no, that’s not a spoiler) They’ll return in Last Light, albeit with a few minor tweaks and revisions.

All our mutants have undergone a design overhaul, in terms of aesthetics, animation, and behavior – think improvements rather than massive changes though.

Weapon upgrades and additions are something that the team at 4A games hope to explore in Last Light though they don’t have very many details about it at the moment.

Your weapon progression won’t be the same in Metro: Last Light as it was in 2033. Artyom begins the game as a member of the Rangers… We’re still tweaking the weapon upgrade feature and we’ll share more detail on this when we’re ready.

Finally, he gave a quick mention of the new fire grenades in the game. Considering the environmental destruction is being tweaked to incorporate ‘fire dmage’, these should be a fun addition to Artyom’s arsenal.

Fire grenades are a new secondary in addition to some of the projectile weapons you’re familiar with from 2033.

Metro: Last Light comes out in early 2013 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Make sure to follow OnlySP for more single-player news, and keep an eye out for our upcoming livestream/giveaway of Metro 2033!


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