Metro: Redux is real, but it may not be the only thing that 4A is working on.

4A Games released a statement this afternoon addressing the leak of Metro: Redux. A package that includes both Metro 2033 and Last Light with an updated next-gen presentation.

The leak is indeed real, but the promotional materials leaked are from an, “old, internal planning presentation, containing some nuggets of truth but a lot of hypothetical ideas and place holder material.”

4A also noted that,”Eagle eyed fans will recognize the artwork on the ‘packshot’ as the art from the original Russian edition of the Metro 2033 novel. And that ‘logo’ is just the old Metro 2033 logo with the ‘2033’ scrubbed out and ‘Redux’ added…”

4A does have a project in the work however for the next-generation consoles, which they plan to reveal at this year’s E3. According to 4A, “the reality is a lot more exciting than the out-dated material that got leaked shows, and we’re itching to share it with you. Just not yet.”

We’ll certainly be on the lookout for more information on 4A’s next project. From what it sounds like, 4A may have two projects in the works in the form of the updated editions of the original Metro games along with something new in the pipeline. I suppose we’ll just have to wait till E3 to see what they have in store.

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Nick Calandra
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  1. I bet it’s that “S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in space” project I was talking about not too long ago. :)

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