The details on Metro: Last Light continue, as representative “THQvagrantscout” has answered some more of fans’ questions on the game’s official forums.

Regarding the weapon system, he had the following to say; “We are still fine-tuning the weapons system. For Metro 2033, we actually introduced a new weapon select scheme via an update that moved weapon selection to the “Y” button (consistent with most shooter titles) and utilized a radial weapon-select wheel. We found this much more intuitive for console players than the previous system which required a player to cycle through weapons using the D-Pad. We used this updated system as the starting point for Metro: Last Light, but we think we can improve it further. Metro has a very deep control scheme. Players need to be able perform all the actions you find in more basic shooters, but also manage a host of unique Metro gameplay mechanics including the gas mask, night-vision, map, lighter and more. Our goal is to make the control scheme as intuitive as possible so players can perform any action or instantly select any weapon or piece of equipment, even in the heat of combat. We’re pretty close to the final control scheme and we’ll share all the details when we are happy with the end product.”

Some found the English voice acting in Metro 2033 to be lackluster, to which vagrantscout responded. “We’ve received a variety of feedback regarding the voice-acting in Metro 2033: many players loved it; some disliked it; but a majority of the time it came down to individual characters and personal preference. For example, “Khan” has always been a fan-favorite. However, we believe reaction to the voice-overs generally speaking is very subjective. We’re aware how important both the dialogue and quality of voice-acting is on a story and character driven game like Metro. With THQ’s help, we’re investing a lot more time into the voice recordings this time around. For now, all we can say is we hope you like the result!”

He also responded to a question about the release being pushed back to 2013, stating that “It’s a good thing. We’d originally expected to release in 2012, and we were comfortably on track to hit this date. THQ offered us extra development time to polish and fine-tune, and we felt we could deliver a significantly higher quality experience with this extra time. So we took it!”

Finally, he answered a question regarding the presence of stealth in Metro: Last Light‘s levels. “It’s certainly possible to complete multiple levels without killing anyone. However, for narrative reasons it’s not possible to complete the entire game without killing any humans.”

Metro: Last Light releases in 2013 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, with a possible Wii U version coming as well. Make sure to follow OnlySP for further details on the game.

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