Much like this fellow, I’ll be stepping into unfamiliar territory, as this’ll be the first time I’ve ever played the game.

We’ve all been to dark, claustrophobic places at some point in our lives, whether it be a cave, a basement, or that one Gamestop store under the Rockefeller Center. Tomorrow, we’ll be visiting especially dark place in our Metro 2033 livestream.

That’s right, for the second (or third?) time, we’ll be streaming a full campaign playthrough of THQ and 4A Games’ classic shooter, Metro 2033. I (Michael Urban) will be your host, and seeing as I’ve never actually played the game, this’ll be interesting indeed. Be sure to leave comments and advice,  assuring me that certain crevices and pits are actually doors to bonus levels.

The stream will happen from 7-10 pm PST tomorrow as well as Saturday and Sunday. However long it takes to complete the campaign, really.

The Giveaway: (Open to US Residents Only)

THQ will be providing us with 7-10 gas masks to giveaway while we are streaming and we’ll also be giving away a few of the humble bundles that THQ featured this week. Finally, we’ll also be giving away a Metro 2033 code for the PC.

To enter, use the RaffleCopter widget below. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out the stream below. See you there!

Watch live video from michaelurbanonlysp on TwitchTV

Michael Urban
Now an occasional contributer, Michael Urban is the former Editor-in-Chief at OnlySP and has the nickname "Breadcrab" for reasons his therapist still doesn't understand. From the moment he first got hacked in Runescape, he's been uninterested in multiplayer games and has pursued the beauty of the single-player experience, especially in terms of story and creative design. His hobbies include reading, writing, singing in the shower, pretending to be productive, and providing info and feedback regarding the games industry. It is an industry, right? You can ask him a question or send him spam at [email protected] Also, follow him on Twitter or the terrorists win. (@MichaelUrban1)

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