Metal Gear Solid V is being released in two parts: the prologue, Ground Zeroes, in March and the main game, The Phantom Pain, to follow at a currently unspecified date. The former acts as a kind of taster for fans, with the games’ director, Hideo Kojima, stating that the decision to take this route was based on the length of time that development on The Phantom Pain is expected to take. It has now emerged that the chunk of gameplay offered by Ground Zeroes may not be enough to sate some players.

The folks at GameInformer (via Kotaku) recently had a chance to go hands-on with a near final build of the game, and revealed that they managed to play through the entirety of the core story missions in “just under two hours”. This may not be reflective of the mileage that most gamers will get from the title, however, as it does not include any time spent on side missions or the console-exclusive missions. It may also be important to note that the demo itself lasted for a grand total of four hours, giving the source enough time to go through the campaign, as well as fiddle around in the extra modes on offer.

Nevertheless, this news is somewhat disturbing, especially in light of the prices that Konami will be asking for the title. The physical releases will go for $40USD on the PS4 and X1, and $30USD for the PS3 and Xbox 360, while the digital versions will be $10 cheaper across the board. The game will launch for all platforms on the 18th of March.

Source(s) – GameInformer (via Kotaku)

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