Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1

Mega Man X is a series that many have held to high regards for its precise controls and fun platforming since the first titles’s release on the Super Nintendo in 1993. Having all eight of the mainline Mega Man X games compiled into two collection discs, bundled with tons of extra features, is something of a dream come true for fans who grew up with the games. The collection holds many extras, such as a digital museum that showcases merchandise based on the game and a plethora of concept and development art, much of which has hit the public eye for the first time. The extras included in the Mega Man X Legacy Collections are a boon for fans, but, aside from them, the games still need to hold up.

The first Mega Man X title, at least, suffers from a major problem in the form of input lag. Mega Man has always been a precise platforming series, but this lag makes some levels and bosses far harder than before. The problem was confirmed by Twitter user Nigel Woodall, who has used a specific set-up to test the speed differential between the SNES Classic version of the game and that included in Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 on PlayStation 4. This set-up was demonstrated in a video depicting the game running simultaneously on two of the same monitors. The tweet shows that the SNES Classic version has an input lag of 62.4ms while that of the PS4 version is 123.7ms. The split-second delay has a serious impact on the feel of the game.

Woodall has stated that he has tried many different settings in game, with no change. With the lag being such an issue, many players have taken to forums such as GameFAQs to share their experience to say the titles are unplayable until a patch is released. Some users report that their television required a switch to gaming mode, but others have found that this setting does not help. Players have even taken off any filters and run the game at the smallest screen size in an attempt to optimize performance, but to no avail; any improvements are negligible. With further research, the problem seems to be across all platforms, including the Switch in handheld mode rather than solely affecting the PS4.

Comparatively, Mega Man X2, attached to a game mode-enabled screen with a borderless display, performs with minimal issue, leading to a far more enjoyable experience. Whether the improved performance is down to the settings or just that the second title functions better than the first is unclear at the present time.

The games are still enjoyable, but the experience of Mega Man X makes apparent the problem that the other games may be more of a struggle than they should be. For those who are on the fence about the collection, waiting for an update may be best, if one is to come at all; Capcom has not made an official response as of yet. Recommending the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 & 2 should be easy, especially for die-hard fans, but the issues at hand make endorsing the games unfair, especially to a newcomer who is unlikely to understand the series’s high praise in light of such unresponsive controls. While not all users seem to have been struck with the lag, many have experienced the issue, making gameplay frustrating, so gambling on the prospect of sublime gameplay may be unwise.

Chris Hepburn
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