Hello everyone. My name is Reid Gacke and I will be Only Single Player’s next editor in chief!

This is a huge milestone for me and a very proud time in my life. I’ve been a gamer for almost 30 years now. Even from a young age I was fascinated by the arcade machines in the bowling alley near my home. I never had any money for them, of course, but that didn’t stop me from “playing” them (I legitimately thought that the demos the games played were me actually playing them…ahh the foolishness of youth). I still remember being introduced to the Nintendo Entertainment system by my cousins, the agony of blowing on the cartridges, of pushing them up and down to get them to work, having to remember to hold reset and power on the Legend of Zelda or risking losing all of my hard work. I remember the Christmas when I got my own NES, of long days playing Mario Brothers and, later, Mario 3 with my father…it is safe and completely genuine to say that video games have shaped my life.

Another thing that I have taken very seriously in my life is writing. I wrote fanfiction in high school, like many aspiring (and more than slightly nerdy) writers, but even then I was concerned with structure, syntax, proper spelling and grammar…my work was high quality mechanically and I took great pride in it. So much so that when I went to college, after some hemming and hawing, I decided to make writing my career choice, even when I wasn’t sure how to do it. I briefly thought about writing short stories or novels…but that didn’t quite pan out for me and, several years later, I ended up working for a small newspaper in rural Wisconsin. Little did I know that that job would prepare me for the true fusion of my two loves with Only Single Player.

I started at OSP in July and have greatly enjoyed my time here and my first foray into games journalism. I’ve enjoyed having a look inside the industry and I can’t wait to see what else I learn as both a writer and the site’s new editor in chief. I have a strong background in editing, not only professionally as the editor of the aforementioned newspaper, but also academically, having studied deep linguistics towards a master’s degree several years ago. I know I’ll make mistakes – we all do, particularly when you have a small staff and some people, like myself and the site’s owner Nick Calandra, pulling double or even triple duty – but I hope that I can help make OSP’s content all that much better.

I want to sit here and say I have grand plans for OSP, but I really don’t, except to say that I want to give you more. More of everything. I know from my short time here that our readers come to Only Single Player for one reason: we focus on the solo game experiences they love. You have IGN and other sites for broad coverage and though we don’t shy away from news articles simply because “IGN’s gonna do it,” we hope to give you something more, something unique.

I want to push that something more to the forefront. I want to capitalize on that little niche that we have and really double down on the single player experience. Like many of you, I grew up solely on single-player games and while the gaming landscape is changing and games like Splatoon, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, and various MMOs are delivering great, only-multiplayer experiences (which is awesome, in my opinion. I love the idea of more variety catering to a wider audience), I still think it’s single player games, not multiplayer games, that show us what our medium can truly accomplish in terms of delivering entertaining and emotional narratives…the sorts of stories that we will all remember.

So my promise to you is this: I will do everything in my ability to give you more of what you’re already coming here to see. More editorials dissecting mechanics and stories, more explorations of what makes gaming important, more reviews of great single player games, more news of games you should keep your eyes on. I want to make Only Single Player the first and last place anyone wants to go to get news and features of single player games and experiences – both old and new. I also want you to get to know us as writers and feel like we’re the kinds of people you want to sit down with and chat with about games. I want to introduce, through our editorials, a sort of symposium of gaming where we can share our philosophies, what we like, what we dislike, the disappointments, and the triumphs of this medium we love so much.

In short, I want Only Single Player to be great. And I will do anything and everything I can to help it be great, because I know it can be. And I know it will be.

So let’s strap in and play some games!

Brienne Gacke
Writer, journalist, teacher, pedant. Brienne's done just about anything and everything involving words and now she's hoping to use them for something she's passionate about: video games. She's been gaming since the onset of the NES era and has never looked back.

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