The debut project from Polymorph Games, the grid-less medieval city building simulation Foundation, has reached the half-way point in its Kickstarter funding.

Foundation was announced on February 10, and the title’s Kickstarter page launched on February 13 with a funding goal of £42,671. At the moment of publication, funding sits at £26,667, meaning over 60% of the required amount has been pledged.

Foundation has been in development since early 2016 and a brand new engine named Hurricane has been designed from scratch by Polymorph Games. The engine allows for full mod support and is intuitively optimised to handle all the tiny details players wish to weave into their architectural marvels.

The major appeal for Foundation is the game’s focus on grid-less building, which subverts many of the traditional design choices of the city-builder genre. The mechanics opt for greater freedom, allowing players to grow their cities however they wish. The design choices of the game are informed by the architectural design and planning of medieval cities, which had a tendency to develop in a free-form manner. However, Foundation does not seem like an exercise in historical mimicry, but an attempt to instil more player agency in the genre.

The narrative is rather simple: the player assumes the role of an appointed lord of uninhabited land and is tasked with creating a prosperous settlement using the land’s resources and space. Many of the game’s narrative encounters are inspired heavily by those found in Crusader Kings II. The in-game resource management appears to be akin to games such as Anno (Dawn of Discovery), whilst the city-building elements borrow from titles such as Settlers, SimCity, and Pharaoh. Essentially, players must navigate their way through an economy mirroring that of the medieval period whilst keeping their settlement happy.

The game also abandons the reliance on pre-set assets and buildings, trusting players to contribute and design their own monuments, which can be anything from cathedrals to castles and will serve as a morale boost for the city’s population.

OnlySP spoke to the game’s Creative Director, Philippe Dion, late last year as part of the Indie Highlight Reel, which provides more details about the title.

More information, including stretch goals and the option to pledge fundscan be found on the Foundation‘s Kickstarter page.

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