Media Molecule Dreams

Media Molecule believes that Dreams will see more surprises created from user-generated content than in the LittleBigPlanet (LBP) series.

As with the LBP titles, Dreams allows players to create characters, stages, control schemes, sounds, new game genres, and almost anything else, bound only by the imagination.

Speaking to Glixel, Studio Director Siobhan Reddy said once the team shipped LittleBigPlanet, its members would spend their time playing user-generated levels, reading comments and bug reports, and checking how community creators “manipulated… bugs to do interesting things with them—they almost gamed us to a certain degree.” However, Media Molecule’s expectations for Dream’s user-generated content is different. “We’ll get some of this a bit earlier with Dreams—we’ll be getting some creators on board at different stages. So it may not be exactly the same sort of surprise as we had with LBP where it was basically shipped before we knew.”

Similar to how musicians express themselves by music jamming, Media Molecule hopes gamers use the game as a means of self-expression, which will ultimately foster an “expressive, creative community.” “I’m hoping that it really brings people who maybe haven’t created something in a while to create something,” Reddy said.

Delayed to 2017, the Dreams beta test was meant to help Media Molecule “evolve” the game. “We think we know what it is, but maybe the beta will change our minds,” Technical Director Alex Evans told Engadget at Paris Games Week 2015.

While Dreams will have a traditional single-player campaign, Media Molecule has shown in previews that it will simply act as a standalone, tutorial-like adventure. The core experience lies in playing user-created levels and creating original ones for the entire community.

Dreams is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will support the PS Move controller and PSVR, which Reddy says is an “awesome” experience. At present, no release date has been announced.

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