Our friends over at Polygon have published an article detailing something that many may find quite tragic. Armature Games, the team now working on Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, had something very different in mind for their first original title. The team, consisting of core members of the Metroid Prime titles, had begun about six months of work on a new game they were developing for Capcom. That game should have been a Mega Man X first-person shooter codenamed, Maverick Hunter. Alas, like other recent Mega Man attempts, the project has been canceled.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, Armature Games has pulled the cover off of exactly what the design of the game would have been. You can immediately tell when looking at the demos that the Metroid Prime similarities are there, which is good of course.  The man who designed the concept art for Iron Man’s movie suits was in place to bring a more modern look for the Blue Bomber. Armature Games was planning on having the series be a spin on the Mega Man X universe, a more mature take on the games.

Polygon wrote an extensive piece detailing the doomed project. Included are multiple demo videos that are early but still pretty impressive. They showcase how the game would have handled combat, the usage of enemy weaponry, exploration and platforming, as well as armor transformation. Also included is an awesome looking “falling sequence.” Take a look at the videos below (sorry about the size, use full-screen) and let us know what you think in the comments. Was this a Mega Man that should have been made, or are we better off this was canned?

Jeff Scott
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  1. Holy… frakking… pickle sauce. Why must all the cancelled stuff in the world of gaming have so much potential?! The variety and imagination here is already evident, and with some of the guys from Metroid Prime behind this, it could have been one hell of a fine shooter.

    For the purpose of keeping my sanity, I’m going to pretend there were drastic development issues keeping this one from happening, since (at least in my eyes) I don’t think even Arkham Origins was worth pulling Armature away from this.

    Time to start a petition or kickstarter or whatever.

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