BioWare has finally revealed the release date of the highly-anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda as March 21, 2017.

While the studio has shown precious little of the title in the lead-up to release, its caution is well-warranted. Many fans are still sore over the ill-received ending to the original trilogy with Mass Effect 3, and much rides on the success of this new chapter.

Aaryn Flynn, the general manager at BioWare, released a blog post to announce the date alongside a new gameplay trailer revealed at Nvidia’s CES Keynote (embedded below). Citing the sheer ambition of the game as well as the entirely new story and the move to the Frostbite engine, Flynn said, “To deliver on this, we’re taking all the time we can to make sure you’re getting the best possible experience.”

Bolstered by the well-received “holiday build,” a tradition started since the first game where members of the studio take the title home and play as much as they can to offer feedback, Flynn continued, saying that “the passion you [the fans] have for the franchise continues to drive us.” Many fans wish to have seen more of the game by now, but sometimes less is more, especially given how important this release will be for the studio.

Taking place 600 years after Shepard’s story, players find themselves in the eponymous Andromeda galaxy, taking on the role of a Pathfinder named Ryder, tasked with leading the search for humanity’s new home in this strange new galaxy. Any connection to Shepard’s story has long since been debunked, but there will surely be references for those who have been with the series since the first game released a decade ago .

Bioware has also revealed that Mass Effect: Andromeda will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch, which also launches in March, but will receive enhancements for the PS4 Pro. There are no such plans for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio at the moment, however.

Flynn also confirmed that there will be no season pass for the title, and that DLC plans will be discussed at a later time. It also appears a multiplayer beta will soon be underway, taking the popular wave defense mode from Mass Effect 3 and evolving it to fit Andromeda’s engine and gameplay.

After all the wait, fans will finally get to journey to Andromeda and see what their beloved series has become in the five years of production since Mass Effect 3. With a standard, deluxe, and super deluxe edition on offer, as well as a Collector’s Edition offering either a RC or Die Cast model of the new planet side vehicle the Nomad, players have many options to sate their desire for the sequel. Look to pick up Mass Effect: Andromeda in just over two months on the PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

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