Tomorrow marks the release of the Omega expansion for Mass Effect 3, which was supposed to be included as part of the original release but was later cut and is now being served to us as DLC and WHATEVER HERE’S A TRAILER!

Shepard’s goal in this mission is to help Aria take back the Omega colony from some Cerberus General with a really evil-sounding name and a devilish mustache. Cue Aria giving a motivational speech to the denizens of Omega and you have a storyline that looks quite significant despite only being DLC.

As stated above, the DLC drops Nov. 27 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC for $14.99 usd.

Michael Urban
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  1. Awesome trailer for the dlc itself.Games are going a long way

  2. Awesome trailer for the dlc itself.Games are going a long way

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