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Crystal Dynamics has refuted the suggestion that Marvel’s Avengers is designed foremost in a games-as-a-service model.

During an E3 Coliseum panel, several members of the development team joined in a roundtable to reveal new details about the story.

The game’s director Shaun Escayg mentioned that a goal has been to put a unique spin on the characters, ensuring both familiarity and difference from the both the films and comics.

Marvel Studios creative director Bill Roseman added to that, saying the team asked itself, “how can we tell our own, all-new, authentic, original Avengers story.” He noted that one such way was to make subtle alterations to the character designs, such as the star on Captain America’s shield now extending beyond the innermost blue circle.

The panel also delved deeper in the narrative, explaining that the game is about each of the main characters dealing with the guilt and sense of failure following the destruction of San Francisco during the game’s opening moments. As might be expected, S.H.I.E.L.D. will appear in the game as an adversarial organisation to the Avengers, though its exact role has not been clarified.

Talk eventually turned to the style of the campaign, which Escayg described as “really story-driven,” while also providing “multiple options” about whether to follow the story or explore side missions and other characters at any point. Roseman added that story is woven through every mission within the game.

Meagan Marie, senior community and social media manager, also reiterated that the narrative is set to be “delivered over multiple years with regular content drops.” She later said that additional characters and regions will be available for free.

Lead combat designer Vince Napoli added that Marvel’s Avengers will have live service elements, “but it’s so narrative-focused that there isn’t really a game you can point to that says ‘oh, it’s kind of like this thing.'” The goal was to build a world where players can continue to explore the multiple playable characters over time, leading to Napoli and Escayg referring to it as a new kind of live service experience.

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