Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is one of the most anticipated games of 2015, and is also one of the most ambitious games so far on next generation platforms. The idea that there are infinitely procedurally generated worlds that are all in the same universe is something that we haven’t seen before. This would hint at the fact that No Man’s Sky is very multiplayer based, having you hook up with other players to explore and survive. However, it seems that this is not the case.

When you first start No Man’s Sky, you are on a randomly generated planet that has never been discovered before and is on the outside of a universe containing all players. This would make it sound like you would be able to join up with other players to create an allegiance for survival. Sean Murray, the game’s creator and lead designer, has said in a GameSpot interview that this is not the case. “This is not a game about forming a clan or allegiances… You can cross paths with other players, but it’s just not a core component of the game.”

“There is a plan for multiplayer and for people to have a traditional multiplayer experience within the game,” Murray says, “But that is not what’s core to the game right now.”


So it seems that No Man’s Sky has some MMO elements, but is focused on being a single player game, which is exciting for us here at OnlySP. There are, however, multiple AI that you can come across throughout your exploration that help you progress. In order to move along in No Man’s Sky, you must collect resources in order to survive and build weapons and spaceships so that you can eventually travel to the center of the universe, which is what Murray says is the main goal of the game. These AI can be friendly or hostile, and you might have to do some exploring to find them.

The universe of the game is so vast and so unexplored that we will probably never find everything there is to see, and that sense of wonder and intention for exploration is just what has me so excited about the game. No Man’s Sky has infinite possibilities, and I can’t wait to be able to finally start exploring this world for the first time in 2015.

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Matt Bianucci
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    1. Here’s a thought… If everybody is trying to get to the center of the universe, then it sounds to me like the center will become the Multiplayer portion of the game as more and more people discover it. The goal of the game is to go from Singleplayer on the outsides of the universe to Multiplayer in the center?

      1. exactly what i was thinking

    2. I’m guessing different planets = different collectible resources = wider variety of craftable weaponry etc?

    3. Definitely getting this game if we can play it SP only. Even if there’s already bots in-game, I hope it wont make the same mistakes games like Destiny did like forcing you to play with others just to progress.

      1. You should get it, also check out my other comment.

    4. ill have it day one

    5. The game is like Journey where you occasionally meet other random players and decide if you want to stay with them or leave them.

    6. This game looks incredible, getting day one for PS4.

      1. ^^^^^^
        What this guy said.

    7. I keep hearing universe in various articles…if I’m not mistaken, isn’t this game set in a galaxy? The universe would be too vast an expanse to explore, considering the distances between galaxies and the number of galaxies in said universe…a galaxy size No Man’s Sky sounds more like what the developers have in mind. In the case of a galaxy like the Milky Way, that would involve a diameter of 100,000 light years and hundreds of billions of planets and an unimaginable number of moons.

      1. Nope, it’s been confirmed to be a universe in several articles now by things that Sean has said. Not to mention, considering how many planets are in the game (will take 4-5 billion years to see them all if visiting them 1 every second), they wouldn’t all fit into a single galaxy without making it ridiculously big.

        1. I remain dubious. Think about this…if our sun was the size of the period over this i, our milky way galaxy would be comparable in size to the continental united states of america. Now consider that 1 million earths can fit inside the sun’s volume, and there are another 100-400 billion other stars in our galaxy alone according to our best current estimates. Now try to imagine the unimaginable distance between galaxies, and realize there are varying estimates of the number of galaxies in the universe with numbers of 200-500 billion galaxies currently accepted. All containing hundreds of billions of planets and stars, and all accelerating away from each other at an alarming rate. An accurate universal scale game is impossible to simulate with modern computers. Now if you want to say it’s a small universe, so be it. Galaxies are different sizes, no reason to believe the multiverse doesn’t contain a variety of different sized universes all with different laws of physics….but to say No Man’s Sky is on par in size with our own universe is asinine. It would have to be infinite. And according to the devs own words, it is not.

          1. you have a very valid point, but think about the scale of this thing…. it would take 5 billion real life years to land on each planet for one second that is beyond my thought process. yes i agree, its nowhere near the size of our universe but DAMN its a big one. cant wait!

    8. After the Elite Dangerous disappointment i hope they make a real offline single player for this game

    9. Without any real multiplayer…its just a strange lonely single player game…what’s the point of a galaxy game with minimal to no interaction with other players? no conflicts? strange indeed.

    10. I miss offline singleplayer games. Seems to me when a mass of gamers end up online it becomes a haven for 12 year old trolls who’s parents buy them all the “pay to win” dlc or cheaters and moders… That game just got moved way down my “interest list”.

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