As gamers get older, life tends to get in the way of actually gaming. The time once spent exploring virtual worlds is now taken up by work, family, friends, and other commitments. However, like all things, gaming is not about having time, but making time. The team at OnlySP has compiled some advice to help you make that time for single-player games.

Schedule your day to include play

Life can get very busy, and that means making time to relax becomes necessary to enjoy an hour or so of a video game. By scheduling games into your day, you make a commitment to actually play them. Doing so may mean getting up early or staying up late to avoid other distractions.

Whether the time is mentally set aside or physically written down, creating a schedule is the easiest way to ensure you have time to dedicate towards single-player games.

Play single player games with a friend

Many people use multiplayer gaming as an excuse to catch up with friends. Whilst playing, you all complain about how little time you have to spare for the latest single player game.

A solution to this dilemma is to swap out the multiplayer for a campaign or mission while staying in a conversation with your friends. Doing so provides an opportunity to open up dialogue about the games being played. Taking this option is ideal for social gamers aiming to create more time for solo adventures whilst receiving the social benefits usually restricted to multiplayer gaming.

Try some indie games

In recent years, many AAA titles’ main storylines demand 40 or more hours to complete. These games are a significant investment of time that many players cannot afford.

Indie titles provide alternatives that are often much shorter in length, making them more achievable to sit down and play. The experiences offered in indie titles frequently present unique narratives that are worth playing, such as Celeste and GRIS.

Ignore side quests

Open-world titles are filled with side quest distractions. If your inner completionist will allow it, try to avoid them and stick to the critical game path.This method will give you additional time to play through other titles.

Ignore multiplayer games

When you have 30 minutes spare, playing a few matches of an online game can seem like the best use of time. However, that valuable playtime is quickly wasted waiting for matchmaking, respawning, and becomes disappointing if the wait results in a loss.

That 30 minutes could be invested in enjoying a side or main quest in a single-player game. A short, single-player experience allows you to live another life for a brief period of time without the added hassle and frustration that accompanies multiplayer games.

Stop buying new games

Whether a much-hyped new release or a title that is currently on sale, the temptation to buy games is irresistible. However, purchasing a game simply because it is available or on sale means that many players have hundreds of untouched or unfinished titles in their gaming libraries.

Try to find the willpower to stop buying new games until you have completed another one. You will find yourself with more time to play, more games that you have finished, and more money in your wallet. Just remember, there will always be another sale before you get the opportunity to play the game.

How do you find time for single player games? Let us know in the comments. For more coverage on your favourite single player games, as well as new and exciting upcoming releases, stay connected with OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Amy Campbell
What does a fitness instructor like to do with their spare time? Write about video games obviously. Amy has been obsessed with video games ever since watching her parents play Crash Bandicoot on PS1. All these years later, she is thrilled to get to share her thoughts on the games she loves so much.

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