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Simon Roth, the brains behind Maia, was able to get his Sci-fi building game onto Steam Greenlight successfully. Inspired by classics such as Bullfrog and Dungeon Keeper, Maia will not fail to impress.

The god game will see the player building and managing a colony on a moon-like environment. Roth is planning to incorporate a 2km x 2km x 2km procedurally-generated world for the player to enjoy to their hearts content.

Maia will include a single-player campaign, a sandbox mode, and a first-person exploration mode. Just enough there to mix it up and keep the game feeling fresh long after its release date.

To celebrate the news of Greenlight success, Roth released a new game trailer showing off the current Alpha build. As of right now there is no release date for the game.

Source: Eurogamer

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