Ikenfell, a turn-based RPG set in a world of magic and sorcery, has received a new gameplay trailer.

The ‘Paint the Future’ trailer breaks a drought for fans of the Kickstarter-funded game. With the campaign launching in mid-2016, the project inspired 2,602 backers to raise CAD$61,787. However, silence from the developers of Ikenfell has left fans asking ‘what is taking so long?’ for the past few months. Thankfully, the trailer serves as an exceptional update, especially considering the game’s impending June 2018 release window is looming closer.

Ikenfell’s new three-minute trailer kicks off with retro-style music, a fully-realized pixel art aesthetic, and a ton of gameplay. Those familiar with Paper Mario-style gameplay will notice an uncanny resemblance to Ikenfell’s combat. Well-timed button presses and pop-up graphics indicating different levels of combat success are clearly a huge portion of the game, but they do not make up its entirety.

The game also seems to feature a wealth of interactive NPCs, environments, combat types, and colorful characters in this world of wizardry. With more than five months remaining until release, fans can likely expect further announcements in the near future.

Ikenfell is both the name of the game and school of magic where the story will take place. This Hogwarts-esque adventure is one of the first titles to published under the Humble Bundle name and, as a result, has more than just the expectations of its 2,500 backers to live up to.

Ikenfell has a small development team toiling away on the project in its final days. For more information regarding Ikenfell’s journey, check on the game’s official website or Kickstarter page.

For future updates on the magic of Ikenfell, announcements on more platforms, and what the team is up to, keep checking in with OnlySP on Twitter and Facebook.

Michael Cripe
Michael fell into the OnlySP team toward the end of 2017. You’ll mostly catch his work over in the news area, but that doesn’t mean he won’t dip into the features section every now and then. For him, gaming doesn’t get much better than Metal Gear Solid and Super Mario Sunshine. Though he is a die-hard Nintendo fan, he grew up on PlayStation.

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