Talking with Prankster101, Andy Wilson, Executive Producer over at developer Hangar 13, shed some notable tidbits on the upcoming Mafia III.

First and foremost, the game is taking place in New Orleans in 1968. Wilson said, “It’s our version of New Orleans. So it’s sort of inspired by, rather than a rebuilt version of the city. We’ve kind of played with it to make it our own and suit our purposes. From the environmental perspective, we’ve obviously done a lot of reference gathering of the look and feel of the city. Many people from the team have been there before as well which also helps.”

Wilson also stressed the importance of narrative and how Mafia III will link itself to the previous games despite taking on a new protagonist.

“We aim to continue that tradition and tell a whole new story in a new area with a new protagonist which is Lincoln Clay. Specifically in terms of our relations to previous games, we’re bringing back one of the key characters, the hero from Mafia 2, Vito Scaletta who becomes one of Lincoln’s main lieutenants in the game so there’s definitely going to be some story connection there.”

The studio has tried to build upon the gameplay mechanics. Wilson explains, “We’ve tried to introduce really refined combat mechanics, both from a more shooting perspective, and also in terms of the hand to hand combat.” However, he added, “there are going to be non-lethal options in the world as well. Players can choose the way that they actually want to play the game.”

Wilson continued on to stress the importance of authenticity. From the way people at the time acted to the contemporary issues of the time and even the music.

“Haden (Blackman, creative director) in particular is a huge fan of the music of that era and there were certain tracks that we really wanted to get in there. We put our list together of everything we wanted and we’re trying to get as much as we can.”

Mafia III is expected to release in 2016 although there is no firm release date yet. You can read the full interview here.

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