The latest piece of Mafia III story DLC, titled ‘Sign of the Times’, is available now on all platforms and sees Lincoln Clay squaring off against a relentless, blood-thirsty cult named The Ensanglante.

Rounding up the Season Pass content, ‘Sign of the Times’ is one of the more story-driven chapters in Mafia III. The Ensanglante, which is French for “covered in blood,” has performed a string of brutal rituals around New Bordeaux, using a dangerous drug to invoke hallucinations among members to turn them into vicious killers. Seeing these activities, the player character Lincoln Clay, who has fought his way up the food chain to stand at the very top of New Bordeaux, decides to take care of this cult once and for all.

Lincoln now has access to an all-new investigation zone system, allowing the player to investigate bodies and objects that may offer clues about The Ensanglante: why they do what they do, and where they might strike next. A blacklight is also at Lincoln’s disposal, letting him search the environment for morbid clues.

Of course, ‘Sign of the Times’ still features plentiful adrenaline-fueled action. While the previous ‘Faster, Baby!’ DLC let players drive and drift about in slow-motion, this latest extra bit of content introduces a spin on Bullet Time to Mafia III. Players will be able to slow down time whenever they see fit with headshots prolonging the slow-motion effects.

On top of that, new weapons and vehicles are added to the game, as well as a rebuilt version of Sammy’s bar. Most of the equipment is unlocked throughout the process of driving The Ensanglante out of the city, which might add some incentive to play through the DLC.

Mafia III: ‘Sign of the Times’ is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for $10 on its own, but is also included in the $30 Season Pass.

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