A new trailer has been released talking about how Hanger 13 is designing the driving in the upcoming crime game Mafia 3.

The developers wanted to capture a “Hollywood action driving” style of mechanics where “you are pretty much a stunt driver in a Hollywood movie”. This includes making it feel like you’re driving around in a real car with its own mass and inertia, including when drifting or crashing into objects. In addition, the driving will be affected by the terrain you are racing through, such as gravel, dirt or asphalt. It is with this hope to present a style akin to 60s action films such as Bullet, or capture a “Steve McQueen movie feeling”.

This shift away from realism has been met with concern from fans on Youtube, as a little over 20% of the total votes are down votes. A majority of the Youtube comments praise Mafia 2’s focus on realism while slamming Mafia 3’s more arcadey style. A minority of these complain specifically that such a shift could lead to a more generic open world feel not in line with prior titles. Although, with the accusations of faithlessness, it should be considered that Mafia 1 and 2 were developed by a different company (2k Czech) who is now supporting Hanger 13.

Mafia 3 will be following the story of a biracial Vietnam veteran called Lincoln Clay in the year of 1968 who, after his gang gets wiped out by a mob, goes on a journey to get revenge on everyone involved. It will be releasing on the 7th of October 2016 onto PS4, Xbox One and PC (Windows and Mac).

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