A few days back Avalanche Studios announced via twitter that the first bit of gameplay for Mad Max was coming in 3 days. Those 3 days are up and the surprise title from E3 shows off it’s true colours. Gameplay may have been a bit of a cheeky stretch but its clear that “Soul of a Man” is running in the game’s engine.

The trailer certainly plays true to the bad ass we all know, even if we didn’t get a great look at how the game will play, we still got something to whet our appetite for the brutal wastes that we all hope to be exploring sooner rather than later.

Given Avalanche is known for it’s awesome and ridiculous titles such as Just Cause, the studio and game seem to be a good match on paper, let’s just hope they bring some of that same world reknown flare to Mad Max.

(Source: Mad Max YouTube)

Fred Garret-Jones
It's great to finally be writing for a proper website with such a passion for story & single player campaign as there are some badass titles out there! Please check out & sub to my youtube for gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheChivalrousGamers

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