In a recent interview with Siliconera, Senior Game Designer for Mad Max, Peter Johansson, gave some details on the vehicles we should see in the upcoming next-gen game Mad Max.

When asked about the recently released gameplay trailer and if everything in it was true, Johansson stated:

“Actually, it’s hard to say. I can’t say for sure, since we’re still building the game. It’s still in a pre-alpha stage. But, of course, your primary method of survival is your car, your Magnum Opus [the name of your primary ride in the game]. It’s basically your comfort zone, though there will be times in which you need to step out of it.”

Johansson then moved onto talking about the game’s wasteland setting. He continued:

“And of course you have to face all these dangers that are everywhere, in this wasteland. All of sudden, you have to be extremely careful, because of traps and ambushes, even the environment itself can be very hazardous. But it’s necessary, to keep your car running, like to scavenge for fuel.”

And finally, when asked about the game’s vehicles, whether we would have access to many types or just the one Mad Max car. He said:

“Yes, it’s yours to customize. But there are over 50 different vehicles in the game, and you can drive them all.”

Looks like gamers will get some variety to find their favorite car for the post-apocalypse. Keep an eye on Mad Max, coming 2014.

Brandon Morgan
Zombie survivalist. Plasmid addict. I write, a lot. That is all. Follow me on Twitter : @BNomadx

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