Following Bethesda’s careful teasing and marketing schedule for the announcement of Rage 2, the project’s debut trailer leaked ahead of schedule.

As a response to the leak, Bethesda released the official trailer, also stating that a full gameplay trailer will be available tomorrow. The announcement lends further credence to the validity of Walmart’s E3 leak, which had Rage 2 on its list of upcoming titles. The project will be developed by Avalanche Studios, which has plenty of experience realising post-apocalyptic desert environments following the studio’s work on 2015’s Mad Max.

The trailer itself is light on any real details, instead serving as an extension to Rage‘s antiquated and Dune-inspired art style, littered with steampunk-inspired weapons, vehicles, and character designs. Rage did not set the world on fire on release in 2011, but with Bethesda reinvigorating the Prey franchise last year, the publisher is making a statement that all of its IPs have a shot at longevity.

The trailer is embedded below, but before checking that out, be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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