Capcom recently revealed that the upcoming Lost Planet 3 (the 3 despite it being a prequel) finally has a firm release date. Initially on track to release in early 2013, Spark Unlimited’s entry into the Lost Planet series is now confirmed for North America on June 25th and on June 28th for our European brethren.

In addition to the release date news, Capcom dished out a slew of new screens to gaze upon, including the offical box art for the game. Also, the developer released a new “Dangerous Secret”  trailer shedding some light on the overall narrative. Take a look at the new media below and let us know what you think.


Jeff Scott
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  1. Always been a fan of this series. Nice to see them going back to a solid single player affer 2. And Spark did Legendary, which was pretty fun, so hopefully they nail this.

    1. Yea, lost planet 2 was pretty disappointing for me personally. Seemed like the entire game focused too much on the multiplayer aspect. Excited to see how this turn out

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