Someone’s been keeping an eye on Dead Space 3‘s development. Capcom has recently announced Lost Planet 3, which is being developed by Spark Unlimited.

The game will be much more story-focused this time around. “Lost Planet 2 focused on online and multiplayer but Lost Planet 3 has a very strong narrative focus,” said project head Kenji Oguro. The plot this time around will focus on Jim, an earth-born who heads to the planet E.D.N III to get some work in the mining industry. It’s understandable, as he’s got a wife and kid back home that he needs to take care of. The game takes place 150 years before the previous 2 Lost Planet games, acting as a prequel. The NEVEC mining corporation has been stationed on the planet and its employees use mechs called Rigs to explore the arctic and mine for minerals. Akrids, the creatures that reside on the planet, have been a hindrance to the humans ever since they landed. However, new breeds of them are being introduced and they won’t make life easy for Jim or the other miners, that’s for sure. It’s pretty clear from the beginning that NEVEC is hiding information from the colonists, and Jim will have to unravel the conspiracy behind all of it as the game progresses.

As for the gameplay, it seems some major overhauls are occurring. Firstly, the game will take on an open-world structure with Hubs serving as your safe havens. NPCs will also reside there and they’ll have various tasks for you to undertake. Facilities and caves are scattered throughout the world, which will play host to the more linear story missions. Thermal posts can be planted by Jim in certain places, which will cause the surrounding area to thaw. One of the biggest new features is that of upgrading your Rig. Parts for it can be bought or found throughout the game, and they will have a significant impact on how it performs.

The game is no longer played exclusively in third-person; piloting the Rig will be done from a first-person perspective, with the interface clearly displayed on the cockpit screen. The controls are being reformatted to be more in line with what you’d expect from a modern shooter, with left-trigger aiming as an example. The title is also seeking to encompass elements of Survival-Horror; Spark Unlimited said as much in their job ads recently. The HUD will be similar to that of Dead Space when in third-person, and many of the game’s environments are said to be dimly lit and atmospheric, providing opportunities for spooky Akrid ambushes. To top off the Dead Space comparison, audio logs can also be collected during the missions, and Jim will have a eerily familiar map and waypoint system, if you catch my breeze.

While the game is borrowing liberally from its contemporaries, it could very well shape up to be a fine mish-mash of familiar concepts coupled with a unique twist. You can check out the debut trailer below, which will certainly leave you frozen with awe. Freezing yourself until the game’s release is optional, however. Lost Planet 3 is set to come out in early 2013 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

[Official Playstation Magazine UK]

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