Lords of the Fallen, Deck 13 and CI Games Studio’s tough upcoming RPG, is set to provide deep and flexible character class progression, according to the game’s producer Tomasz Gop. Speaking to OnlySP, Gop discussed the class development system Lords of the Fallen will have in place.

According to Gop, on top of the traditional Cleric/Rogue/Fighter class trinity, Lords of the Fallen will follow a “three pillar” system for character class development – magic, gear, and stats. Magic is the only one of the three bound to class, with Clerics preferring HP regeneration, Rogues focusing on stealth and critical hits, and Fighters looking to buff defense. Once a class is chosen, then their potential magic choices are streamlined to their class.

More freely, any class can boost any stat with XP, but certain stats are more important to certain classes.

Gear, which represents armour, weapons, and shields, has natural affinities with certain classes, but can be used by any character, regardless of class. Most of the gear in Lords of the Fallen can be found through exploration, although it can also be crafted.

Lords of the Fallen will be releasing Fall/Autumn 2014 (Spring in the south) on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Look for our exclusive interview with Tomasz Gop in the coming days.

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  1. I’m glad their keeping classes simple. If there’s too many options everything just feels less important amongst so many options.

  2. Why not Wii U?

    1. We’ll actually go ahead City Interactive about that, thanks for bringing that question up.

  3. I wish we could break this mold. I’m so over the wow model and pumping stats for % gains. Its not interesting anymore. Id rather The stats and skills be handled behind the scenes by attaching it to equipment and leaving the character a blank state. Id much rather skills and stats be totally attached to the equipment you choose. Id rather find parts of armor and weapons or crafting materials and have to craft everything worthwhile. That way you can swap equipment in town and suddenly you’re a completely different character.

    1. So basically your saying just attach all the skills to equipment?

      1. Yes. You’d have to add some restrictions as to when and where you could equip different weapons/armor. Probably outside of quests. That way equipment becomes highly sought after and addicting to collect because each piece of equipment you craft is like unlocking a piece of another character, or the character you’re trying to build. Give the player upfront information about what quests they have to do to gain the specific materials they are after.

        1. If you do that you lose the old timey D & D classic RPG soul that embodies these games. The ability to use XP is not a “WOW” archetype, it harkens back to tabletop roleplaying and early Japanese style rpg games. Its integral to the identity of customization characters.

  4. Sounds exciting

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