Imagine a game with its difficulty being heavily inspired by Dark Souls and yet has a decision system that will alter the world and characters around you. Now that dream is set up to become reality with Lords of the Fallen.

The Vision

Lords of the Fallen is a next generation RPG for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC which gives both challenge and flexibility to the player. While there are plenty of comparisons to be made between this game and Dark Souls, Lords of the Fallen provides a more rapid, arcade like experience which, according to the executive producer of the game, Tomasz Gop,  is “[based upon] the foundations of fun and entertainment on the process of learning the combat tactics and strategies.”


City Interactive’s upcoming Lords of the Fallen is a third person action-RPG which is inspired by the Souls series but at the same time will feature an arcade feeling to the combat. Even though this game will have a faster pace, Lords of the Fallen will remain challenging to the player as each enemy provides an ample challenge. You will have to be tactical with your movements through dodging, rolling, and then striking at the precise moment.  In addition, the development team “is aiming at getting the different proportions of ingredients from RPGs, fighter games and even strategies into one big bowl to make a soup that is… spicy, filling and addictive”

Another element which may seem “spicy, filling, and addictive” is the Metroidvania aspect of the game. In a gameplay walkthrough, Gop and the team at City Interactive encourage players to explore locations you have already visited as new areas open up and present you with new moves and opponents. As well as the ability to go back to previous areas, players are given three different classes to play around with (cleric, rogue of a fighter) for extra replayability. These three classes determine how much mana pool you receive and specific gear/statistics help each particular class in its own way. There are no restrictions on how you can upgrade your character through XP as well so this is a true RPG through and through.

Over the past few years, we have seen a lack of depth within boss battle design (there are a few exceptions such as Dark Souls and inFAMOUS) as there are plenty of forced quick time events added in to the mix. However, City Interactive displayed a fearsome enemy called the First Warden during an IGN run through of a demo. He further explains that this enemy has holes (windows of opportunity) in his attacks you have to manipulate to your advantage. There are also phases which ups the difficulty or switches the boss’ strategy. Finding patterns within a boss battle is refreshing to see once more. Tomasz Gop heavily stresses that players will know exactly why they were defeated, and, as with Dark Souls, will learn the attack patterns and become a more skillful player over time.

In terms of how long the game will be, the executive producer of Lords of the Fallen made, has told us that it will include side quests, optional world sections, secrets, and New Game + alongside 15 hours of initial gameplay. The various differences between the endings and a planned hardcore mode as well should add a few hours of enjoyment.


The Story

The peoples’ god has failed the land, and in result, humankind has imprisoned that being. However, this seems to have been a mistake as demons have overrun their world. When speaking to us about the narrative, Gop stated that “Lords of the Fallen is not a story driven game” but there will be multiple endings which depend on your choices throughout the entirety of the game. Not much else has been said yet about the plot of Lords of the Fallen. We expect to see and hear a lot more about the game relatively soon so stay tuned!


Lords of the Fallen is set to be this generation’s Demon’s Souls with challenging but flexible combat, a choice based story, and plenty of replayability. The game will be releasing sometime this year for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Chris Penwell
Chris Penwell is an editor who loves an engaging story and interesting combat within games. Previously writing for PlayStation Euphoria, Chris is a fan of most Sony Computer Entertainment titles including Uncharted, The Last of Us, and even White Knight Chronicles but he is open to all platforms. His ultimate goal is to go to E3 and interview the developers who have created the games he has loved throughout the 15 past years of his gaming experiences. His most anticipated games include Kingdom Hearts III, Beyond Good and Evil 2, The Division, Final Fantasy XV, and Destiny.

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    1. “magine a game with its difficulty being heavily inspired by Dark Souls”

      No just no, its better to compare it with the gothic series or zelda than dark souls.

      1. When speaking of overcoming challenges, Tomasz Gop has actually stated that there is a similarity between Dark Souls and Lords of the Fallen when speaking to VG 24/7.

        “Like, at the end of the day I could honestly say, ‘I owned the game.’ This is exactly what you’re trying to get with the right mind-set with games like Dark Souls, and I believe Lords is going to do the same thing.”

        1. Yeah i remember watching a gamespot video in which he said ” nowhere near as hard and deep” and the game is more zeldaish and darksiders, you will revist areas with upgraded equipment. This is not a super duper hard game like dark souls, its more about story and upgrades.

          1. Yes and no. As I noted below, gameplay comes first according to Gop. There’s story, but it’s not the central focus. As for challenge, it’s not as hard as Dark Souls and Gop doesn’t even really like to compare the two, although that’s a bit inevitable. But the game will be challenging. On their Twitter feed, the gameplay looked easy because Gop was playing, I’m sure he knows his own game haha. But you talk to other members of the press and they’ll tell you it’s a challenging game. We haven’t had the luxury of getting hands-on yet unfortunately.

      2. Not sure about the difficulty yet, but Gop’s love for the Souls series is widely known, he’s been talking about it since before The Witcher 2’s release. Also, I saw a presentation of an early prototype of Lords of the Fallen at a presentation at WGK in Gdańsk last year – the game felt like a Dark Souls clone right down to the placement of HUD elements. In a newer version, movement seemed a bit faster and the Hud’s been shifted around, but that’s about it. They also experimented with a more over the shoulder type of camera, but it made it hard to judge the distances. In the released footage, it seems they went back to a Souls-like camera.

        1. i honestly dotn think dark souls camera and hud are the most original.

    2. It feels like I’m the ONLY one anticipating this game. Nobody knows what I’m talking about when I bring up this game, or Child of Light. Two games very under the radar this year.

      1. We’ve been doing quite a bit of coverage on Lords of the Fallen. And, check back on the 1st for our Three Games the Single Players Should Look out for in April, you might enjoy it ;)

        1. lol, i imagine child of light is gonna be on there =p

          And I feel your pain Sheldon. I’m in the same boat. None of my friends seem to know or care about lords of the fallen. I really hope it turns out to be a goty contender.

          1. BigZ returns. You need to comment more often. Gotta get DazeofWar back here too haha.

    3. I was a little confused about the comment that this is not going to be a story driven game. Because there was another comment that said our choices will shape the world and later on even the ending. Seems almost contradictory…. Anyone have any insight?

      1. The game has a story, and I think there’s a few choices on how to get to the ending. I think Chris might have misread some details a bit. But, according to Gop, gameplay is first and foremost with Lords of the Fallen with some added lore, exploration etc. It’s a bit hit and miss on story details right now, but I’m sure we’ll learn more about it sooner or later.

        1. Cool, thanks for the reply. Definitely excited for this one =)

    4. I think Lords of the Fallen can be one of the best RPG game in this year. Yes I agree with Nick Calandra. This game has a story, dynamic combat style if we believe Tomasz Gop. I hope we hear something more about this great promissing game as soon as possible.

    5. Whoa! I did not expect that CIGAMES release this year, two games! I am motivated to buy Enemy Front, after what has been shown by the company, but as it turns out, is doing well with RPG games. I did not expect this! Ok, the shock passes, now the reality. The game looks good, I’d say great, the gameplay interesting, sure to be a few demonstrations of the company CIGames so it’s not the end of the game that has to offer. Damn! This is good!

    6. 15 hours? Not long for the price. D.S. 1 was around 100 hours.
      hmm… have to do a full review once the game is out..

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