In an interview with IGN, a spokesman from Lord Of The Fallen’s developers admitted that hitting the 1080p mark is more difficult to achieve with the Xbox One compared the PS4.

Tomasz Gop, executive producer of CI Games, spoke of how their choices at the moment was to decide between a solid framerate or high resolution for the game. Gop said that if they had to choose “they’d probably go full HD 1080p and have a stable, rock-solid 30fps, rather than try to lower the resolution and push it to 60fps”. He also commented how  “this game looks pretty good” and that he’d “rather have a decent resolution to show it off.”

With regards to developing this framerate and resolution for the next-gen consoles, Gop said that it will more than likely happen on PS4 because he believes the team is “almost nailing it and pretty much there.” But with the Xbox One, Gop admitted “it’s slightly tougher and we’re still working on it.”  So it seems that CI Games and many other developers agree that developing for PS4 is certainly a lot easier but will this trend continue?

For more information on Lords of the Fallen, you can read our exclusive interview right here.

Souce: IGN

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  1. New trailer looks very interesting. A piece of fight with one of all boss is great encouragement to pay players attention. I hope developers don’t give up and try to do everything what in their power to give us more than 30fps:)

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