In a recent entry on the Playstation Blog, creative director Tomasz Gop took to the comments section to answer a few burning questions by readers.

One of the questions a user asked was in relation to character customization. In the game, Harkyn is the sole main character whose personal appearance will not be able to be changed. The way you customize him as a warrior however is up to you. Gop explains that, “The name, face, body and gender of our main character is set. We had to make a decision here because of storyline, and credibility – we want to make it believable that Harkyn could actually wield all these weapons, wear all this armor, use that powerful magic, etc. It really had to be him.”

In regards to how many weapons and pieces of armor in the game there will be, the Twitter account for Lords of the Fallen simply says there will be “a lot”. As you could see in the most recent gameplay trailer for the game that was released, there was plenty of variability in the character’s look and loadout so I wouldn’t be too worried about customization.

As always, we’ll be keeping a close eye out for any and all information we can find on Lords of the Fallen, so be sure to stay tuned to OnlySP by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Given his involvement in the first two Witcher games I have high expectations here. I really hope they deliver.

  2. No character appearance customization and gender selection? Count me out.

  3. For me nothing wrong with that we can not generate our own character. Everyone will be play this same bad guy. Mostly in game like this we can create our own character but Lords of the Fallen developers has their idea on this game. I think it is something unusual.

  4. Lack of any sort of character customization or gender selection in a single player RPG is a deal killer for me. That’d be like playing Skyrim and having the game tell you you can only play as a burly redguard named “Steve”… Yeah, no thanks.

    1. Yeah. Not being able to create your character is bullshit. No buy for me,

  5. I really dislike the “set” character aswell. Both from a personal customization viewpoint but also from a feministic viewpoint. The fact that the main character is a white “manly” male really cements the structural injustice and unequal nature in our society. It’s a fact that alot of people that plays game are neither white nor male and that should be respected. Game developers stuck in the “white male norm” neglects a large part of the audience and that’s bad both for the sales and for society as a whole, because racism and inequality between men and women dosen’t get challenged and defeated, but, as said before, gets more and more cemented into our society.
    So yeah this really made me question if I’ll get this game.

    1. Thanks for making a race and gender issue out of something that doesn’t have a race or gender issue, what you pointed out is not what’s wrong with society, white guilt is what’s wrong with society, people of other races and gender’s aren’t the ones complaining. Just because you fantasize about being a woman doesn’t mean that every female gamer wants to play as female characters.

    2. How does this have anything to do with social inequality? If the character wasn’t set, the story wouldn’t work. It’s as simple as that. I don’t think that the developers were sitting there thinking, “How can we make this unfair to people who aren’t white males?” Don’t create a problem where a problem doesn’t exist.

    3. Holy shit. Sweden, how about you stop creating SJW problems where none are?

      If the set character were a black man, you’d scream for equality for women.

      If the set character were an asian woman, you’d yell at them for not including homosexuals.

      If the set character were a homosexual half-black half-asian woman, you’d call for equality for fourth-trimester pansexual Owlkins.

      As a gay black man, shut the fuck up. Honestly, you’re making things worse than they already are. People are laughing at those who advocate tolerance because of shiheads like you.

    4. Here’s your toll, troll.

  6. I’m definitely going to get it. It looks really promising. Lack of character customization doesn’t bother me, because I usually just roll with the default anyway.

  7. In RPGs (and mostly in all games), really like to “be whatever I want”, the character creation is one of my favorites moments of this kind of games.
    At least they should be as Blade The Edge of Darkness in which you have 4 main characters very different.

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