With a release date yet to be announced, some gamers have been worried that Lords of the Fallen wouldn’t reach its Fall 2014 release date this year. In a recent E3 gameplay demo, Executive Producer at Deck13 Interactive Tomasz Gop has clarified that Lords of the Fallen will not be getting delayed, and is due out this Fall.

We definitely don’t want to be one of these games that slips in 2015, so this is Fall 2014.

An action RPG in the vein of Dark SoulsLords of the Fallen is due out later this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more information on German developer Deck13’s latest title, you can check out our exclusive interview with  Tomasz Gop here.

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Kenneth Cummings
Ken was born in 1994, and before the turn of the century, he was already a gamer for life, starting with Pokémon Blue Version. He has a passion for storytelling, especially in the gaming medium. Growing up on a healthy diet of JRPGs and point and click adventure games, young Kenny grew up playing Nintendo and Sony consoles, before becoming a snobby member of the PC master race. Nowadays, he resides in a time warp, refusing to believe the nineties ended as he fills up his Steam library with old point and clicks and cRPGs.

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  1. I was very happy when I heard this. Definitely looking forward to this game. I remember I first found out it existed on this very site =)

  2. I hope Tomasz Gop telling the truth and Lords of the Fallen will be released in this year. But honestly I hope this game will released as soon as possible because I can’t wait on it.

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  4. I’m very happy to hear this new too. I don’t know what I can do if next great promising RPG game will be released to 2015 so I keep my fingers crossedfor this games.

  5. when I saw the word delay and 2015 …. Fortunately, that is between them, the word is not;) I honestly expect this game a lot, and I hope that the producers will satisfy my needs. so far, they do it very well :)

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