In anticipation of the October 28th release for Lords of the Fallen, developer Deck13 has released the first taste of the soundtrack for your listening pleasure.

And I do have to say, it sort of surprised me as it’s quite good for just a Main Theme. We’ll have to wait and see what the rest sounds like, but if this first track is any indication it should be pretty good.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Honestly I hear this song first time and I am very impressed about it because this song sounds awesome. If all of songs in official soundtrack will be sounds like this I just must have it.

  2. Great music. I hope that during the game will be similar climate .;) Somewhere I came across the information that Knut got the award for this music.

  3. I agree with all of you. This music sounds great. I hope all of songs from Lords of the Fallen will be similar to this one. I can’t wait when we can here how sounds the rest of songs from official soundtrack.

  4. whoa! I was thinking about how it will look sountrack for this game, because in the majority of published materials were the other songs, but this song blew me out of the chair!

  5. For me this songs sounds great. I hope all of songs from officlal soundtrack will be as good as this one. It is very atmospheric songs and I think it will perfectly fit to this game.

  6. This main theme sound very good. There is no redundant sounds like sick dubstep. Delicate vocals fullfill the magic athmosphere i this track. I hop, that all this soundtrakc will be in this mood with little darker variations and maybe someone will mix it with electornics, but is this necessary?

  7. This music is mesmerizing .. If the entire game will be as mesmerizing as the music, it will be hard to stop playing ….

  8. If whole soundtrack will be of this quality i will be very happy. It’s nice that they put effort into getting a quality music. It sets an atmosphere and theme of a game. Unfortunately sometimes developers don’t put much emphasis on good music, but
    this time it seems it won’t be the case.

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