Lords of the Fallen 2

Following the news that Deck13, the original developers of Lords of the Fallen, would not be developing Lords of the Fallen 2, publisher and developer CI Games have announced that the executive producer has left the team.

In an interview with Eurogamer Poland, CI Games stated that creative differences lead to the departure of Tomasz Gop, the executive producer for Lords of the Fallen 2. Changing the creative direction for the game, CI Games aims to reach a wider audience for Lords of the Fallen 2 by creating a “richer story” and adding a “robust fighting system.”

We’re grateful for his input, but we have different visions for further development of the series and Tomasz will not be a part of CI Games’ progress.

We want to reach a wider audience for this game. That’s why we’re building a richer story. We’re aware that these aspects could’ve been better in first game, so the story is a big point of the sequel, along with robust fighting system. We want to bring something fresh to RPG games.

The action RPG Lords of the Fallen 2 is set for a 2017 release date.

Are you worried about the Lords of the Fallen 2 team losing their executive producer, or what CI Games states about their creative vision for the game? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for more news.


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  1. It looks like Gop don’t want to do longer story and developed comgat system on this game. I don’t know it is good Gop was leaved this project. Lords of the Fallen was very good game and I hope second part of series will be better:)

    1. We shouldn’t be afraid of LOTD2. Let’s remember that Tomasz Gop didn’t work alone, right?

  2. I’m pretty sure CIG can create more good games even without Gop, so I hope LOTF2 will be as good as LOTF or even better. Fresh point of view can be good for series.

  3. I love LOTF and I believe in CIG. It’s a team of skilled guys and without Tomasz Gop it’s opportunity to shine for someone else.

    1. pity, I read this article, this sad information, but yeah I agree with you, this might be to change story, or refresh story, and possibly might be a good start for some one else to manage this game !

  4. For sure, produced good game isn’t one person project, so even without Gop sequel might be better than first part.

  5. It’s a shame, but I’m certain, they’ll pull that off beautifully. I loved LotF, so the sequel is a very good news :)

    1. shame or not, they made a decision, so now they need to show something, what they want to do with this game, or.. maybe they have some hidden information about new executive producer ?

  6. I think this information is not good or bad. I know that Tomasz Gop is great developer and his idea is awesome but I believe CI Games can do Lords of the Fallen own and it still will be very good game.

  7. OK, maybe it’s bad, but as it was just said: he’s not the only one man who made LOTF and many more people will work together to create LOTF2.

    1. damn right! He was a big support in time of creation first part. Now they need to get some fresh view, so next executive producer maybe change something, to get sequel more attractive.

  8. Lords of the Fallen was great game and I hope CI Games can do patr two this game better without Gop. I know Tomasz was great developer but I keep my finger crossed for this game.

  9. Gop could be a good asset, but I’m far from thinking that’s a bad news or news at all. They do crew changing all the time, I don’t see any danger, or huge impact in development here. They will continue with doing their best without him, that’s all.

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