Bethesda kicked off the weekend by releasing new gameplay trailers for Dishonored 2: The Clockwork Mansion. Fans of the first title will be happy to see that this game, like its predecessor, can adapt to just about anybody’s play style.

The first video shows off what a high chaos playthrough might look like. The player swipes through enemy after enemy as a grown-up Empress Emily Kaldwin, who will be one of two playable characters — the other being Corvo, her father, and the main character of the previous game. Among the abilities we see in action:

  • Shadow Walk allows the player to achieve a stealthy form to make quick kills unnoticed.
  • For the economical killers, Domino ties multiple enemies to the same fate.
  • Far Reach will remind players of the “Blink” ability in the previous game; it essentially acts as a magical grappling hook that pulls you from place to place in an instant.

The mansion itself will prove to be a difficult element of the game for players. Entire rooms transform into unrecognizable caverns and hallways. The high chaos trailer shows Emily taking out nearly every enemy she meets there, including powerful clockwork soldiers that have to be beheaded and then dismantled.

The low chaos trailer shows the complete opposite style of playthrough. Emily quietly slips into the mansion without alerting a soul. Some of the abilities we see in the low chaos trailer:

  • Mesmerize distracts enemies for a short time– the player can walk right past them unnoticed.
  • Dark Vision allows the player to see enemies through walls.
  • The Sleep Dart causes enemies to pass out after a few seconds.

Each trailer shows off completely different story elements as a result of the completely different play styles. In the first trailer we see a big confrontation, and in the second we witness a rescue mission. It seems that, as with the first Dishonored title, killing your way to the end is just one of many options, and each option presents a completely different experience for the player.

Whether you’re a chaotic killer or a stealthy pacifist, it’s worth checking out both gameplay trailers to get a look at all of the abilities in action.

High Chaos Gameplay Trailer:

Low Chaos Gameplay Trailer:

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