“Dead Dunes” has kind of a nice ring to it, no? That’s the name of a brand new desert location in Square Enix’s upcoming sub-series trilogy closer, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasty XIII.

Today, Square Enix released screenshots highlighting the environment, seen below, as well as some new gameplay details. Lightning will be able to explore various ruins that populate the sandy landscape, and she’ll be able to get around quickly with a slide ability, presumably to be used on the slope-like dunes. Dragon-like enemies will also roam the area, it seems.

She’ll also have access to an ability called “Overclock,” which can slow down time and must be used with GP points, a new gameplay system. You’ll also see that she appears to be wearing a new costume in one of the screenshots, highlighting the increased customization of her appearance. Maybe it’s Maybelline, folks.

Lightning Returns is due this fall on PS3 and Xbox 360. Stay tuned for more deadly and duneful news here at OnlySP.

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  1. I have to admire Square’s tenacity with this whole FF13/ Lightning thing. In a world where companies crumble under the slightest hint of distaste from from internet whiners, Square has trudged forward defiantly. That’s called having faith and respect for the hard-working creators you who work for you not beholden to the whims of internet goons.

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